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Source: Statista

Research and development is suitable for almost every industry in the world, because obviously everything can be improved. However, the areas of health and software and technology are the most valuable at the moment. About 20% of global R&D spending goes into these fields.

It is also worth mentioning that different areas and countries invest depending on their needs; for example, Japan sends higher investments to the automotive, chemical, and energy industries, while North America invests in software, health care, aerospace, and defense.

The scope of application of R&D&i projects is very broad and includes:

● creating that requires special knowledge and experience;

● formation of projects with a high level of uncertainty, which requires additional information and research;

● taking into account the possibility or threat of the appearance on the market of the latest technologies that represent a breakthrough in the field of interests of this organization.

R&D (research and development) are unique solutions that are absolute innovations (no one has done them before you).

R&D is what helps organizations fill a new niche in the market by creating a new addition to their product. Companies that pursue innovation eventually outperform their competitors and rank higher in the market.

The structure of the R&D team gives the opportunity to:

Identify new technologies for product innovation that provide companies with a new place in the market.

Companies become competitive if they find something that distinguishes them from many other competitors. Product and business process improvements will help reduce costs and increase productivity.

One of the most important functions of the research and development department is to monitor product quality. In collaboration with other departments, in particular the quality control department or the IT service companies, they verify the quality of the product and its conformity with the standards with the appropriate periodicity.

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Develop new products, services and patent solutions.

The result of constant research can be the appearance of a completely new product or the expansion of the sales market. Sometimes when we look for improvements, we can find something else.

Benefits of R&D in advertising and marketing

Every day from our screens, we hear something about new technologies and new developments that will change our lives. This causes an increase in demand for something new.

For example, every year, consumers await the launch of a new iPhone and stand in long lines just to be the first to buy a new product. That’s why the R&D lab is a good marketing investment these days.

As a result of the invention of new products, R&D service providers start working on new marketing campaigns that increase the number of consumers.

Trends towards creating a personalized experience for customers are growing every year. Companies are increasingly investing in IT services to create a convenient online platform for a customer base that will stay with them for a long time.

Those companies that have more money create separate departments for development and research. There, they work on developing new products and improving existing ones.

Companies with fewer resources turn to an IT managed service provider with extensive experience in the market and, after analyzing the premises, can offer innovative solutions.

These are some of the solutions that the R&D department can offer to improve retail technology:

● Creation of a customized platform or CRM system that increases conversions and improves the customer experience;

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● Development of new transportation technologies that make the journey of a safe and secure product;

● Creation of a software platform to collect information on customers, purchase data, satisfaction, etc. This information will facilitate the process of creating the strategy;

● Renew and improve the tools with which the company works to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Those are just some small basic examples. The development of new technologies can bring many more unexpected results because the e-commerce industry continues to grow and launch new products on the market. Changes are a necessary component of development.

R&D plays an important role in the growth and existence of the company. Without them, the product would not be able to stay in the market for long and compete with similar things in its niche.

The Research and Development Department aims to create complex technologies, profitable new projects and conduct risk management.

Companies choose to create an R&D department or outsource such services to remain competitive, create a new niche in the market, develop new products or services, and increase the volume of marketing and advertising.

The R&D department is also a great opportunity for the retail industry to develop new technology and be relevant to consumers.

It is worth noting that companies with smaller capacities choose to outsource IT services and choose, for example, IT service provider Germany, as it is a country that provides quality specialists without any doubt.

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