The Haunting of Bridge Hollow Netflix Release Date & Time, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Age Rating, Where to Watch Online

The new Halloween-themed movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow is coming out this October and many people are trying to find out about it, its release date and its cast.

With October almost here and the spookiest festival of Halloween also approaching, Netflix has already unveiled an enticing lineup of movies and TV shows to keep you engrossed throughout the season. One of those movies is the upcoming horror comedy “The Curse of Bridge Hollow.”

The Haunting of Bridge Hollow Movie Netflix Release Date and Time, Cast, Trailer, Age Rating, Where to Watch Online

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is rated TV-14 and a TV-14 program rating, which means parents should be strongly cautioned.

The film will highlight the bond between a father and daughter in a fun setting when their Halloween decorations unexpectedly come to life. Much of its information has already been published and that is why it has become a huge topic of conversation on various social media platforms.

Many people are trying to find out more about it. So here’s what we know about it:

The Haunting of Bridge Hollow release date

This Halloween-themed movie will be released in October, a few weeks before the holidays, which is perfect. On Friday, October 14, the film will begin streaming on Netflix at 3am ET or midnight PT.

Distribution of film

The daughter who inadvertently brought the decorations to life will be played by Priah Ferguson, who plays Erica Sinclair on “Stranger Things.” Father Howard will be played by Marlon Wayans. Wayans is known for his performances in the movies “Scary Movie”, “White Chicks”, “Little Man” and “Respect”.

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Take a look at some other casts from the movie:

  • Kelly Rowland as Emily
  • steal riggle
  • John Michael Higgins
  • Nia Vardalos
  • Lauren Lapkus as Mayor Tammy
  • Holly J. Barrett as Jamie
  • Myles Vincent Perez as Mario
  • Abi Monterey as Ramona
  • Helen Slayton Hughes

Synopsis for The Haunting of Bridge Hollow

The official synopsis of the film is as follows:

β€œWhat would you do if all the Halloween decorations in your house and town came to life? That is what the father and daughter at the center of this upcoming film must face when a mischievous spirit begins to wreak havoc.”

It was also read,

β€œThe story follows a teenage girl who, after accidentally unleashing a mischievous ancient spirit on Halloween, causing the decorations to come to life and wreak havoc, must team up with the last person she would want to save her town: her skeptical father. ”

More on The Curse of Bridge Hollow

From October 11, 2021 to December 10, 2021 the film was shot. In Wilmington, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, the film was largely shot. Jeff Wadlow, known for his work on “Kick-Ass 2”, “Truth or Dare” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is in charge of the project.

Rob Rugan, Todd Berger, and John R. Morey wrote The Haunting of Bridge Hollow. The film’s producers are Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez and Nathan Reimann, with Jeff Wadlow serving as executive producer.

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