The haunting audio of Denny Hamlin’s violent impact at Daytona is just another black mark on the next-gen car

Denny Hamlin has seen both drivers from his 23XI Racing team experience one big crash in the Next Gen car. Bubba Wallace has been outspoken about the intensity of his multiple crashes. By contrast, Kurt Busch kept quiet about his impact during qualifying at Pocono, but his absence for the past six races and an as-yet-undetermined return date has spoken volumes.

Last weekend, the three-time Daytona 500 winner finally got the full Next Gen car experience, not in a good way. After hearing about so many drivers taking heavier-than-usual impacts in the new car all season, the 41-year-old felt the full effect of such a crash on Sunday. Both his immediate reaction, which was painful and unsettling to hear over the team radio, and his post-race comments were just confirmation of what every other driver has said this year about the car and the bottom line is: NASCAR has a issue.

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