The Estate Trailer Shows Family Competition Crossing the Line

It is undeniably human that remembering to call an obnoxious, grumpy but rich relative often goes hand in hand with needing financial help. It’s sad but true that we are driven to be kinder to people we need help from. This is precisely what the next comedy film The state explore with your premise. The recently released trailer for the film shows a scheming family going head to head with each other to be the ones to inherit the estate of a dying wealthy member.

Directed and written by the mind behind death at a funeralBritish filmmaker dean craig, The state centers on a pair of sisters, Savanna and Macey, played respectively by ana faris Y Tony Collette, who are in dire need of money to save their business. When they find out that their bad aunt Hilda, played by kathleen turner, dying of cancer, the two desperate sisters formulate a plan to have their aunt add them to her will. However, they soon discover that they weren’t the only sharks to smell blood.


The trailer opens with Savanna and Macey’s mother, Hilda’s sister, declaring her utter disinterest in the fact that her sister will soon be six feet under. It becomes clear that no one is really sad about the fact that the aunt is nearing the end of her life. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Savannah asks. Understanding her sister’s thought process, Macey replies, “Aunt Hilda will never write us in her will. She doesn’t even like us”, “she doesn’t like anyone!” the younger of the two protests. In fact, when the trailer introduces us to Aunt Hilda, she is nothing short of sarcastic and snarky. Still, the two sisters aren’t the only ones willing to put up with the embittered dying woman. They quickly discover that her cousin Beatrice, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, came from New York with a similar plan in mind. And just like Beatrice, it seems that other members of the family had the same idea. And so, she begins her career to earn Aunt Hilda’s approval and her inheritance.

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Produced by Signature Films, Capstone Studios and Pretty Matches Productions, the comedy also stars David Duchovny, Ron Livingstone, Keyla Monterroso MejiaY billy massacre.

The state It will hit theaters on Friday, November 4.

The official synopsis for the film reads:

“Two sisters try to win over their terminally ill and hard-to-please aunt in hopes of becoming the beneficiary of her rich estate, only to discover that the rest of their greedy family members have the same idea.”

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