The Empress: Will there be a second season of the hit Netflix show?

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The company in Netflix It’s clearly going down well with viewers landing on top ten trending shows just days after it hit the streaming platform.

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The drama, starring Devrim Lingnau in the title role of Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, is based on a historical fiction novel about the Empress of Austria, who marries her sister’s fiancé and moves to Vienna, where she finds herself sailing court policy.

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SEE: The Empress is already on Netflix

Many Netflix users have bingeed on all six episodes and already want more. But will the drama have a second season? This is all we know…

Will there be a second season of The Empress?

Netflix has yet to officially confirm if the romantic period drama will return with more episodes in the future. The streaming giant tends to wait a bit after a show has been released to gauge popularity and, of course, streaming stats before announcing any formal decisions.

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The Empress is now on Netflix

But, given its popularity, we can see that it is definitely a possibility! Fans have been taking to social media to demand a second season. One person wrote: “I NEED A SEASON TWO AS NOW THEY CAN’T END THIS SHOW LIKE THIS!!!! #TheEmpress.”

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A second said: “#TheEmpress is FUCKING good. Like I’m sick it’s only 6 episodes. I need season 2 ASAP” A third added: “Just finished watching #TheEmpress and loved it really hope we get a second season.”

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Who will star in the second season of The Empress?

If the second season of The Empress returns, fans can expect most of the cast to reprise their roles. This means Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant, and Melika Foroutan will likely return as Elisabeth, Franz, and Princess Sophia, respectively. Other characters that viewers could expect to see again would be Johannes Nussbaum, Elisa Schlott, and Hanna Hilsdorf.

What will the second season of The Empress be about?

If the second season of The company happens, fans will no doubt be eager to find out what Elisabeth decides to do next after some of the major cliffhangers were revealed during the final episode. At the end of the first season, she discovers that she is pregnant just before leaving to return to Bavaria.

Netflix has yet to confirm if The Empress will return

Viewers also saw her confronted by an angry mob of people who want to denounce the Emperor as she walks out. In a moment of shock, she tells them that she is pregnant and tells the crowd that she “sees” them. So, will this mean that she stays in Vienna? And will she and Franz reconcile?

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