The comedy that is fashionable on Netflix and talks about our country, although without warning

time for me is an American light comedy that talks about the friendship between two completely different characters and that, days after its premiere Netflix, has become the most watched movie on the platform. A real success, in addition to being a stellar couple –Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg-, is a very special feature for visitors to Argentinashe is in the movie mention of our country, more precisely, to the Federal Capital, although not by way of best advice. ,Do not go to Buenos Aires”One of the protagonists asks his best friend.

personal timeSuch is the real title of this movie, which is Macha Hai Tehelka. Netflixtells the story of Sonny Fisher, a family man who takes care of his two children and the housework While his wife (Regina Hall) presents herself as a distinguished architect. This character played by the actor and comedian KevinHart, a friend for life, Huck (Mark Wahlberg)one whose personality is opposite to yours: it is reckless, brave And the ‘wild’ is characterized by having birthday parties.

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It just so happens that since Sonny is overwhelmed with household obligations, His wife offered to take the children with her and leave him alone for a week.hero’s spare time coincides with the 44th birthday of his friend HaqThus, the two will meet again and begin to live thousands of fun adventures, which include, among other things, a camp in the desert to spend time partying, the appearance of a cougar, turtles and many more. funny situations And some epics too.

Kevin Hart, in Time for Me, is a housewife who is alone for a week and attends her best friend’s “wild” birthday party.Netflix

And if something was missing from this combo of fun and ins and outs directed by john hamburg – Known for movies like my girlfriend Polly– it is mention of Argentina as part of the conspiracy. is that Haq wants to go thereAfter confessing to your best friend that have a significant debt With an inveterate lender looking to give you a strong corrective.

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“A friend moved to Buenos Aires, he lives very little. I can hide in there and pay Stan little by little.The character played by Wahlberg says to Sonny. Then his friend is shocked by the statement he just heard and jokes about the other two people, real people, whoever he is. They went to Argentina ‘Fugitive’bandits Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Time for Me, the number one movie on Netflix this weekend, starred two comedy-savvy actors: Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart.
Time for Me, the number one movie on Netflix this weekend, starred two comedy-savvy actors: Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart.Netflix

Minutes later, and after other situations that feed the sense of comedy, the theme of Huck’s flight to Argentina returns to the fore. It was then that his friend, a family man, Gives you an idea to resolve the debt that worries him. Then Kevin Hart’s character tells his partner to “cancel the flight” to Argentina. “Don’t go to Buenos Aires,” he pleads., and then gives you his offer to settle things with the lender. A motion not to be disclosed here for adjournment perverted,

In short, despite advice not to travel to Argentina, time for me, what it was released last friday, He captivated audiences on this side of the world with his lewd humor and message about friendship. Thus, this funny comedy The most watched movies on stage Netflix of our country.

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