The classic widebody Porsche 911 Cabriolet gets the electric car treatment

Oxfordshire-based classic electric vehicle specialist Everrati has added a widebody electric version of the early 1990s Porsche 911 (designated 964) Cabriolet to its line-up, with far more power and performance than the car it was built on. base.

The 964 Convertible (as that generation of 911 was known internally) joins Everrati’s Porsche 911 range which already includes narrow-body versions of the 964 coupé, Targa and Cabriolet, as well as a coupé with the same wide body and steps. like the 911 Turbo of the 964 generation.

Everrati Unveils World's First Electrified Widebody Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet

Developed in the UK and ready to be built on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to a link with US partner Aria, another low-volume production specialist, the Everrati 964 Wide Body Cabriolet is not powered by an air-cooled flatbed engine. six motors, but a choice of electric motors, with outputs of 440bhp or 500bhp.

The battery pack has a capacity of 62kWh, which the manufacturer says is enough for a range of around 200 miles, and there’s enough power to propel it from 0-60mph in under four seconds.

Despite the fact that the 964 Turbo was never sold in convertible form, Porsche produced a small number of convertible cars (including the 964 Speedster) based on the standard Carrera 2 rear-wheel drive mechanics, but with a wide bodywork similar to the of the Turbo. model; it is the 964 C2 Cabriolet turbo-look on which Everrati’s latest creation is based.

The firm hasn’t released much information about the new widebody Cabriolet yet, but says it has worked to preserve as much of the original feel and handling as possible by optimizing weight distribution, chassis response and safety. .

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New to this car is the optional fully adjustable suspension, the settings of which can be adjusted to the driver’s conditions and preferences.

Everrati Unveils World's First Electrified Widebody Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet

Factoring in the company’s other wide-body 911s, the 964’s interior will have been tastefully updated, retaining as much of the original look as possible while adding modern conveniences such as heated seats, an upgraded heating and air conditioning system. conditioning, navigation, DAB radio, Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity, but not Android Auto, which is also not available on modern Porsches.

“We are delighted to expand our product offering with a world first in the form of our widebody Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet,” said Justin Lunny, founder and CEO of Everrati.

“Everrati prides itself on enhancing the original ‘feel’ and character of iconic cars, and the 964 Cabriolet’s pure open-top driving experience, now combined with next-generation EV power, means our customers can enjoy the thrill of a convertible in truly sustainable 21st century style.

“Currently, the options open to buyers in the convertible electric vehicle market are extremely few, and we are proud to have created a cutting-edge convertible electric vehicle that goes beyond what the major manufacturers offer.

“Coming at a time when demand for our electrified classics has never been greater, the 964 Wide Body Cabriolet will form a key part of our product offering as we further ramp up global production in partnership with the Aria Group.”

Everrati Unveils World's First Electrified Widebody Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet

The 964 Wide Body Cabriolet joins a host of other electrified classics in Everrati’s range, including a late 1960s Mercedes SL ‘Pagoda’, a Series II Land Rover and an officially licensed electric version of the GT40.

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While the latter may look the same as the Ford GT40 that won at Le Mans in 1966, the rights to the GT40’s image and name are now held by a company called Safir, which licenses its use to US firm Superformance. .

As Everrati’s electric GT40 is built in collaboration with Superformance, that technically makes it an official ‘continuation’ with chassis numbers following in sequence from the original Fords.

Pricing for the Everrati 964 Wide Body Cabriolet has not been announced as all of the company’s builds are custom built. However, judging by the firm’s other 964 Wide Bodies, don’t expect anything less than a quarter of a million pounds.

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