The best Pensacola stories of the week

The 2022 midterm primary elections dominated the news headlines this week.

For a summary of what happened in Escambia and Santa Rosa County, click here.

Outside of the elections, preparatory football prepares for its first official matches of the season. Check out our coverage below.

And read to the end to find out what resources are available to the many customers who claim they were scammed out of their money by a dishonest contractor.

NPC Super Seniors: Introducing the Soccer Class of 2022

Full story:NPC Super Seniors: Introducing the Soccer Class of 2022

The Pensacola News Journal Sports staff rated the following seniors as the top 16 in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

Decisions were based on past production, including stats, cumulative offers, and accolades earned, regardless of position or school attended.

Forming this team does not guarantee an All-Area NPC selection at the end of the season, but expectations are high for these 16 players.

Super Seniors - Friday, August 5, 2022.

American Football: 2022 Pensacola Area High School Season Week 1 Preview

Full story:Week 1 Football Preview: Capsules for the first week of the 2022 Pensacola Area Regular Season

The coach talk, the media hype and the preseason debate have come to an end; it’s time for teams to take to the field and show who they really are.

Week 1 of the Florida high school football season has officially arrived, which means all the Escambia and Santa Rosa County teams will make their first impression of the year on Thursday and Friday nights.

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