The best gold cards in MyTeam, ranked

Gold cards are dealt quite easily in NBA 2K23. After logging in just once, players will practically drown in them. Your main goal is probably to replace your gold cards with better cards. That’s understandable, but hold on to that thought for a moment.

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Not all MyTeam cards with a higher level or GLB in NBA 2K23 they are better than all the gold cards. The cards on this list are better than most of the cards in the Emerald and Sapphire tiers above them. Save these cards for now to surprise opponents early while saving up for truly elite cards later.

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10/10 Carr ML

A direct defensive forward, ML Carr’s badges are all about creating havoc on the outside. He doesn’t have anything exciting on offense, but he does have some red zones on the inside of the arc, so he’ll be safe when he makes an open shot.

Perimeter defenders are huge due to the prevalence of guards setting up picks to switch defenders. Usually the small forward isn’t prepared to handle a long-range guard, but Carr rises to the challenge.

9/10 Julius Randle

What makes Nikola Jokic the best player in the league right now? His play from under the rim. The game is starting to realize that inside passes are just as deadly as when point guards show their top-tier plays from the outside.

Julius Randle has two of the best playmaking badges, allowing him to pass as a power forward (or 6’8″ center, if need be). His hot zones exclude midrange, but he finishes strong and shoots 3-pointers. just as well.

8/10 miles turner

Having a wingspan of 7’4″ at a height of 6’11” puts Myles Turner in the realm of exceptional centers. Aside from Vice Grip, all of Myles Turner’s badges are in the defending/rebounding category. And that’s exactly what players want from their big men.

Use Turner as a stopper against dangerous opponents on the inside. With no holes in the paint, other players will have to find another way to score points when Turner is blocking things on the inside.

7/10 Jonas Valanciunas

Although he may not have any badges in the shooting category, Jonas Valanciunas has some hot spots to take advantage of. As a center, he is not only very big, but he sinks wide shots on the perimeter when opponents forget about him.

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Finishing and defense are Valanciunas’ strengths, making him a solid center at 6’11”. The added dimension to his game makes him a valuable asset among gold cards who struggle to just do the bare minimum.

6/10 marcus frezer

Later moves got some major improvements last year and this style of play is still useful. At least one player on the team should excel at post shooting just to keep the defense on their toes. Marcus Fizer has the badges, attributes and Hot Spots to fill this role.

On defense, Fizer is a solid rebounder, outperforming his competition. Against other power forwards, he will win the battle with his opponents more than half the time. He either moves the 6’8″ guy to small forward and really creates a bad combination.

5/10 dorell wright

If a small forward is going to be a great perimeter shooter, he’s going to need some of the best shooting badges and some sweet hitting. Dorell Wright is all about his abilities from outside the arc, with five silver badges, all of which are in that category.

Specifically, it has hot spots in the corners. As a rescue option for slashers, there is no better one. He is 6’9″, so he has a great height and shooting advantage when it comes to this area of ​​the court compared to guards who make similar shots.

4/10 cedric maxwell

Power forwards at the gold level are often not much more than helpers for interior defense. Cedric Maxwell laughs at the idea of ​​being useless on offense with a bevy of badges that make him an effective slasher on that end of the floor.

He still has a few badges in each category, most of which are on the defensive side. At 6’8″, Maxwell can also transition to small forward, allowing for three defensive stalwarts on the inside should that become a team identity.

3/10 Derrick McKey

Shutting down small eaves is a difficult task. Small eaves have the most variety when it comes to builds. Opponents have no way of knowing if they need to stop a perimeter shooter, post machine, or dunk master.

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Derrick McKey can stop any build with a large number of defensive badges, allowing him to line up competently against any type of scorer. At 6’9″, McKey is built almost like a center, creating a mismatch for just about any other small forward.

2/10 rony seikaly

Centers on the gold level often have a major problem. They can be smaller in stature, a disappointment on defense, or useless on offense. For beginners, if they lose games, their center is probably not strong enough. Rony Seikaly solves all these problems and more.

With a gold badge in Fearless Finisher and some great finishing badges that allow him to score from the post, Seikaly is an offensive threat. On the other hand, his 6’11” frame and Post Lockdown badge prevent opposing centers from trying the same tactic.

1/10 smart marcus

Shooting guards typically act as a team’s main attack. Whether it’s cutting inside, letting him go from deep, or a combination of both, shooting guards are the first position to think about when it comes to playing defense.

Marcus Smart won’t let that happen with the best defensive badges in the game, one of which is gold. He’s not an offensive powerhouse like typical shooting guards, but his ability to block the other team’s biggest scoring threat shouldn’t be minimized.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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