The best drag racing games on PlayStation

Of all the subgenres in the racing game scene, it is perhaps drag racing which doesn’t get much love due to its extremely simple mechanics. While it seems like these types of races only need two racers to compete while racing in a straight line, there is a lot more nuance involved in choosing not just the car and track, but also the properties of said vehicles, with things like since the change it becomes a much bigger deal here than in other races.

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Fortunately, gamers who want to experience drag racing in games can check out some game station titles to satisfy your fantasies. There seem to be a few drag racing titles for various PlayStation consoles over the years that can suit a gamer’s interests.


7/7 IHRA Drag Racing (2001 – PS1)

Gamers looking for a truly “classic” drag racing experience may want to check out IHRA Drag Racing for PlayStation 1. Although it’s considered the second of the IHRA Endurance Racing game Series, drag racing for PS1 is the first in the series on PlayStation. As with other racing games, IHRA Drag Racing allows players to choose their vehicles along with the tracks to race in its career mode, similar to an International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) experience.

However, where IHRA Endurance Racing it shines is in its depth of car management. In addition to being able to buy parts, other stats that can affect a car’s performance during the race are provided for players to analyze. In addition, the “classic” look of the game gives players a strong arcade racing atmosphere, which makes IHRA Endurance Racing a pleasure to participate despite its technical problems.

6/7 Gran Turismo 7 (2022 – PS4, PS5)

Following and surpassing 12 predecessors is a great feat to achieve the grand tourer franchise, and yet grand tourer 7 manages to meet expectations. The game not only features 19 locations with up to 27 different configurations, but also features 177 cars of various types. In addition to this, there is an extensive campaign mode and detailed sports mode and arcade mode offerings.

While not necessarily a “hard” drag racing title, the “round robin” approach of grand tourer 7 It definitely becomes a welcome sight for those who are new to drag racing or who want to experience a drag racing title with visually stunning graphics. Those who want a simpler drag race might appreciate a simpler version of grand tourer 7 before taking on deeper drag racing titles.

5/7 Dirt Rally 2.0 (2019 – PS4)

Racing game fans would see Dirt Rally 2.0 for an extremely realistic take on the genre, particularly due to its nature. After all, given the franchise’s focus on rallycross and rallying, it makes sense that the title would be extremely physics-based. In addition to being able to choose from up to 50 cars, matches feature an active weather system that affects car performance, as well as road surfaces that alter based on pressure, requiring extreme focus from players. .

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In turn, it makes sense to Dirt Rally 2.0 have active drag racing components, despite not being their total focus. The game’s various stages and matchmaking options allow players to engage others in one-on-one matchups that mimic drag racing. Not to mention the extreme realism of Dirt Rally 2.0The physics system is perfect for those who want to experience an extremely realistic drag race.

4/7 Need for Speed ​​(2015 – PS4)

The culture of underground racing has become a predominant theme in the need for speed franchise, and drag racing became a featured component and game mode for many of its titles. Such is still the case with need for speed, released in 2015, and its drag racing component may have been the most flexible in the entire franchise thus far. Thanks in part to EA’s focus on the “Speedhunters” aesthetic, the game’s city car culture gives drag racing a much-needed “sleek” makeover.

Regarding the drag mechanic itself, the 2015 title takes a similar approach to other drag racing games. Aside from the main racing component, Drag Races in need for speed they require racers to perform big burnouts, keeping things in the correct RPM range, and ensuring a “perfect” launch to gain an early lead.

3/7 The Crew 2 (2018 – PS4, PS5)

At first sight, crew 2 It looks like a typical racing game. However, similar to the first game, crew 2 allows players to become “best of base” in all kinds of running styles. Using its persistent open world, players can control vehicles outside of cars, such as speedboats, motorcycles, and planes. However, where crew 2 shines in its racing disciplines: Freestyle, Off-Road, Pro Racing and Street Racing, opening players up to dedicated drag racing matches.

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Similar to other drag racing titles, crew 2The Drag Racing version requires players to focus on timing their turns. Unlike other racing games with extreme attention to realism, crew 2Drag racing adds a tasty “casual” vibe to the mix, giving it a lighter yet direct approach, perfect for those who just want to experience drag racing without the complex mechanics.

2/7 Project Cars 2 (2017 – PS4)

While The gang takes players into a more “casual” multi-race experience, project cars 2 up the ante and take players through various professional race tracks but with a focus on realism and intense physics. With the game allowing players to follow races in touring cars, rallycross, prototypes, GT and open wheels, project cars 2 It opens a lot of doors to various types of racing, especially drag racing.

With multiple types of surfaces that interact with the weather, project cars 2 becomes one of the best ways to experience drag racing in the most realistic way possible. Not only that, players can try drag racing with some of the wildest cars of their choice, from open-wheelers to top-of-the-line, futuristic-looking prototype cars. These, in addition to the game’s punishing physics, make project cars 2 a great way to simulate drag racing without introducing the most intense mechanics of the sport.

1/7 NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed ​​for Everyone (2022 – PS4, PS5)

It’s no surprise that a drag racing game following one of the most popular drag racing governing bodies has made its way to consoles. The most recent NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed ​​for Everyone is one such example, pursuing the same thrill that National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) competitions offer, with players now behind the wheel. Compared to other racing games with a drag racing component, speed for everyone brings drag racing front and center.

New and veteran fans of the genre will appreciate the title’s focus on realism compared to other racing games that focus on street racing. In addition to having 38 famous NHRA drivers in real life, the game combines its physics-based engine with real-world tracks. Not only that, the game is great at introducing newcomers to the intricacies of drag racing, making it a must-play for those new to the sport.

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