The 7 Best Viral Halloween Costumes of 2022

It’s time to express your something IRL: Halloween is just around the corner, and if you don’t have your costume planned yet, it’s time to step up. Sure, you could go as a slutty secretary or one of the Avengers, or you could blow all the basic himbos out of the water with an extremely current jawline inspired by one of this year’s viral moments. This year has not been lacking in them; Time flies by, and the time to capitalize on the most incendiary memes of 2022 is upon us (before we forget about them in the torrential news cycle).

When selecting your 2022 Halloween costume, think about which idea offers the most when it comes to getting into character all night. Wouldn’t it be fun to talk in a “Jaahhmmms without cutsAccent all night Julia Fox? Or speak in minions? You have to think on big. Going to a bougie-ticketed event, or a house party where you might end up shooting a six-pack of pumpkin spice hard seltzers?

Stuck in cash? Anyone can rock a Gucci model look, straight from their (or their grandmother’s) wardrobe; you just need to put on some oversized sunglasses and a headscarf. But to truly stand out, make the crowd laugh out loud all night, and maybe even go viral, you need a super niche internet-powered costume to outdo all the losers going Andrew Tate or “a cat.”

Here are the best costumes inspired by some of the meme-worthy events 2022 has delivered so far, from celebrity couples (RIP #SketeandKim) to TikTok’s biggest hits and every cringe-worthy tweet in between, let’s taste the glory. of the cookie, and ‘all.

shrek is love

If you have an unhealthy obsession with all things Shrek, welcome to the club. Loving that giant stinky ogre has basically become commonplace. After all, Shrek = life, and what’s life without a little spice? If you missed the Shrek rave, have fun paying tribute to our lord and savior (and TikTok icon of 2022), the giant, sexy Shrek in the sky. Grab a mask and catsuit, and you’ll be ready to take your pain away.

$22.99 a Amazon

$72$52 a Amazon


Don’t you dare look down on the Minions. These mysterious yellow organisms have risen through the hellfire of cheating purgatory and risen from the ashes as the beloved banana-obsessed kings that they are. Step in with the Minion face paint like thousands on TikTok have, and don a suit to ascend to true Gentleminion heights. How do you say “dad chic” in minions?

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try the cookie

…Try the honey sauce. If you got to BiscuitTok early, congratulations, you’re one of the chosen few. Your ears have been adorned with the styles of the latest TikTok enigmatic. song and his sexy chrome avatar (nothing but respect for our president). In the words of TikTok user @feministhore, “I NEED to see hot girls wearing [Chrome Biscuit Lady costumes] this year.”

$17.89 a Amazon

$5.99 a Amazon

$33.99 a Amazon

$35.99 a Amazon

Kim and Pete Couples Costume

One of our favorite PR couples of the year was Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, who seemed to really vibe standing next to each other in public and enjoying each other’s feet. (What more could you ask for?) The couple broke up, but they still make a great couples costume. Give ‘Kim’ a platinum blonde wig looks like ariana grande’s hair and a silver dress, and give ‘Pete’ a basic boy-fucker fit and a prominent “my girl’s a lawyer” tattoo.

Kim K dresses:

$33.99 a Amazon

$19.99 a Amazon

Kim K Wigs:

$26.90 a Amazon

$19.99 a Amazon


$56.98 a Amazon

$16.99$9.78 a Amazon

$129.99 a Amazon

Nicole Kidman’s AMC ad

You knor that, you to love is the iconic AMC ad that somehow elevated Nicole Kidman to a new level of infamy. We all laughed so hard we cried, until we asked, wait, is this real? Indeed it is, and SNL finally teased it last weekend for its 45th season premiere. For this one, you really have to nail the accent, so make sure you watch the video a few hundred times, which shouldn’t be difficult.

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$70$31.50 a ASOS

$24.99 a Amazon

$59.99 a Amazon

Timothy in Venice

Timothée Chalamet knew exactly what he was doing when wore a loose, backless red halter dress to the Venice Film Festival, and we’re not saying it’s the reason the actor’s film received an eight-and-a-half-minute standing ovation, but come on. All you need to do is find a halter (red pants too, if you’re into the details), fake Ray-Bans, and repurpose your Chrome Biscuit Lady wig.

$15.99 a Amazon

$66.38 a Amazon

$16$13.89 a Amazon

$17.89 a Amazon

Julia Fox, our new queen

Not since the Paris Hilton era have we had a girl with as much charisma as actress, podcast host, and Renaissance woman in general, Julia Fox. uncut gems the star exploded this year after briefly dating Kanye West, and has solidified his place as a star in his own right; His DIY outfits and signature eye makeup have become unmistakable, and his comment on the red carpet is becoming more iconic and unapologetic about his success. Who said the queen is dead? To really sell this iconoclast, choose one of her two most recognizable looks in black with a handmade tote bag, or wear her self-made denim look from head to toe.

Oscar looks:

$25.99$17.88 a Amazon

$14.88 a Amazon

$15.99 a Amazon

$20.99 a Amazon

$9.99$8.97 a Amazon

His cowboy look:

$37 a ASOS

$31.99 a Amazon

$22.69 a Amazon

$59.99$29.99 a Amazon

Happy Halloween and good luck with your doomscroll demons.

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