The 26 most common Netflix errors and everything you can do to solve them

If you find yourself using the service and displaying an error code, here’s what it means and how to fix it.

It is not usually something usual, but it can happen that at the time of to access a platform network, whether you do it on television, on a computer, we have already shown you the best browser to access the contents of the service, or on any mobile device, a mistake on the screen. According to code which is presented as a message and the means used to access the platform, Netflix displays information related to said error. As our end is always lend a helping hand those of you who come to Urban Tecno, below we show you the most common mistakes and the simple solutions to kill them quickly.

The 26 most common errors in Netflix and their solutions

Next, we will show you three different boardswhere we will integrate the most common mistakesthose that appear when you navigate with a Informatic team and those that appear when you use Netflix on mobile phones and tablets. We’ll start with the basic error table:

Code kind of bug Solution
UNITED KINGDOMWN outdated information Sign out and sign in again
1003 outdated app Install the latest version of the app
1004 connection problem Check if the rest of the web pages or apps work correctly
TVP-801 connection problem Go to and sign back in with your account
We show you the Netflix error codes and all their solutions

We show you the Netflix error codes and all their solutions

If you are using a mobile devicebe it Android or iOS, this is the table What should you check to troubleshoot? most common mistakes in the Netflix app.

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Code kind of bug Solution
14 connection problem Check Internet connection
0041 outdated information Check connection and clear app data
119 Outdated information about Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3 and iPhone Sign out, restart your device and sign in again
145 busy sessions You will have to wait for another user to finish playing the content in their session
158 Device not compatible with the download function use another device
10000 connection problem Check the connection and disable VPN and proxy
13000 outdated app Update the app
13018 Connection issues Check the connection and change the Wi-Fi network
NQL.22007 Annual download limit exceeded Use another Netflix account
NQL.23000 Download limit exceeded Delete downloads in the different profiles
NQM.508 download failed Check the connection and press Retry
DLS.103 unsupported connection Pause VPN or proxy

Finally, here we offer you a table with the mistakes most common when using the streaming service in a Informatic team.

Code kind of bug Solution
F/121-1331 Error on page Update the browser or switch to another
F7353 Browser not updated Refresh the browser
07363-1260-00000048 Browser not compatible with HTML5 Use Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Firefox
H7353 windows incompatibility Install the latest version of Windows
NW-2-5 Connection error check your connection
M7111-1331-2206 Browser data issues Clear your data and log back in
M7111-1331-5067 Incompatible extension Disable or remove the extension
M7121-1331-P7 Incompatible browser Use Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Firefox
W8226 connectivity issues check the connection
UI3012 connectivity issues Refresh the page

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