The 10 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies To Watch Right Now

With fall fast approaching and Halloween right around the corner, moviegoers are turning their attention to spooky media. From supernatural horror to suspenseful thrillers to perennial slasher favourites, viewers will be tuning in to the spookier side of film and television for weeks to come.

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Netflix hasn’t skimped on scary content, whether it’s shows or movies. One big decision Netflix made was to create their own original movies and they have delivered content across all genres. One of the genres where Netflix has shone is horror. Netflix has several fantastic original horror movies that are worth a look.

10 Face your past in ritual

In The ritual, Four friends embark on a trek through Sweden in remembrance of a friend who had died six months earlier in a robbery that ended in violence. As the group decides to leave the beaten path, they encounter strange phenomena, a cult, and a mysterious beast.

The ritual is a gripping movie about past mistakes, trauma and hubris. The scenery is beautiful but creepy in the right sense, and the movie’s monster is a Lovecraftian creature that’s terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time. Horror fans will surely enjoy The ritual.

9 listen to perfection

The perfection is a psychological horror thriller that follows a pair of cello-playing musical prodigies. The main character is replaced as the valedictorian of his university and it seems that he has planned the end of his replacement. A darker story is revealed as the prodigies confront their master and what he has done.

The turns in The perfection, from the overarching plot to the twists in character motives, it will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The diverse cast and themes of The perfectionincluding the abuse and fear of failure, make the film connect with so many and help with the film’s success.

8 Fight the demons of the past in your house

His house follows the Bol and Rial couple who have escaped war-torn Sudan to seek asylum in Britain. They are released from a detention center and given a run-down house by the British government to use under strict rules until they can gain citizenship. However, the house appears to be haunted by a malicious spirit.

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His house It very well combines elements of horror and the struggles of those who have had to flee their homes. The images of the struggle to flee the war are chilling, but so are the challenges Bol and Rial face in their new home, even without the dangers of the evil spirit in its walls.

7 Drink your fill in the blood red sky

blood red sky is a fantastic modern take on vampire movies. The story follows Nadja and her son Elias as they board a plane to fly to New York so that Nadja can receive treatment for a mysterious illness. The plane is hijacked and Nadja must reveal that he is a vampire in an attempt to save the passengers.

blood red sky it’s an amazing movie that plays on negative stereotypes. The film also shows how far evil people are willing to go to get what they want and how good people will risk everything to save their loved ones.

6 Become cursed by the enchantment

The 2022 Taiwanese Found Footage Movie Incantation It should be on any horror fan’s watch list. The film is part documentary of, and part follows, a woman named Li Ronan as she explains how her daughter Dodo became cursed and Ronan’s attempt to save her.

The terrifying supernatural elements will hook viewers, while the new feel of an East Asian cult will bring a new perspective to the genre for Western viewers. While the dubbed audio that doesn’t match the original actors’ mouths can be a little distracting, nothing is lost in translation when it comes to fear. Incantation.

5 Get lost in the tall grass

While it can be a bit confusing at times, in the tall grass it is a terrifying experience to the end. Following the sound of a screaming child, a pair of brothers walk into a field of tall grass and get lost. They meet others inside the grass and strange events begin to happen, suggesting that this field is something more.

The time loop makes the events a bit difficult to follow, but the compelling story and drama between the characters are sure to keep viewers hooked. Even though all seems to be doomed, the story concludes with a satisfying but bittersweet ending.

4 No one gets out alive leaves viewers with a sense of dread

In no one gets out alive, Ambar is an undocumented immigrant who moves to Ohio after the death of her mother. With a shady job, Ella Ambar decides to move into a dilapidated boarding house for women run by two brothers. In the guest house strange things begin to happen related to ancient Mesoamerican artifacts and human sacrifices.

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no one gets out alive It emphasizes the struggles and dangers faced by those who arrive in a new country without the proper documents, especially if they are women. Themes of prejudice and taking advantage of the weak are well woven into this horror.

3 Get more than you bargained for in Malevolent

Following Angela and Jackson’s team of siblings, Malicious shows what happens when their con man ways catch up with them. Angela and Jackson run a con as spirit mediums/ghost hunters, but are overwhelmed when they come across a real haunted house.

Malicious It serves as a great warning to never scam others or there may be dire consequences. The film also explores the pain of loss as the brothers lose their mother and then other deaths. Malicious it’s a nice twist on the typical haunted house movie trope.

two Catch the show in Corpse

Post-apocalyptic horror fans will love the Norwegian film Corpse. A starving family in a post-nuclear disaster town buys tickets to see a play that comes with a free hot meal. Since food is scarce, this is a great opportunity, but things quickly change when it is revealed that there is more to it than just a play.

Corpse takes the idea that “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is” to the next level. The film explores the extreme measures people would resort to if the world as they know it were to collapse. This dark film leaves viewers on a somewhat happy note despite the horrors that surround it.

1 Explore what Fear Street has to offer

Weather fear street is technically a trilogy of movies, it would be a mistake to mention just one. The trilogy takes place in three different time periods; 1994, 1978, and 1666. The overarching story is about a group of teenagers trying to break a curse that has been plaguing their town for centuries.

the fear street The trilogy incorporates themes from various horror genres, including supernatural horror and slasher horror, into one incredible story that will have viewers eager to watch each installment. The film relies heavily on the dangers of stereotyping and how that can lead to some of the worst evils out there.

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