Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

“This year’s trophy embodies the Phanom Rung phenomenon of light at the Prasat Hin Phanom Rung monument, which is the pride and joy of Buriram. The upper section of the trophy is highlighted by intricate lines representing the Chang International Circuit and is complemented by the mythical character of Hanuman. The mythical creature has been used to promote ThaiGP as it is the embodiment of speed and agility, the perfect symbol for high-octane MotoGP competition.”

Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

The Tourism Authority of Thailand opened a pavilion under the concept “Amazing Thailand Festival at ThaiGP”. The tourism press and information center will have Thai and English-speaking officials ready to provide information to visitors during the 3-day grand extravaganza. It will be divided into different zones, including tourism zones in the 5 regions of Thailand and the sports event, which offers modern interactive activities, such as marathon, triathlon, and long-distance cycling, among others.

Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

Buriram Governor Thatchakorn Hatathathayakul said that with Buriram Province hosting the exciting event for the third year, the province is committed to maintaining the highest level of standards and ensuring the 3-day event runs smoothly. Hosting the competition allows the province to show the world the best of Buriram from its silk, traditional weaving, local delicacies and handicrafts. MotoGP attendees will also receive all the necessary and important information through the thousands of officials and volunteers ready to take care of visitors.

Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

This year, an official Line account and a Thai-English bilingual website were created, and tourists can scan QR codes to access the various platforms and check information 24 hours a day. Vital information such as circuit entrances and exits, transportation hubs, parking lots, schedules, accommodations, restaurants and tourist attractions can be accessed to build confidence in tourists and ensure they have the best experience.

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Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

“There are many highlights for this year’s event, including Sarus Crane Village, Sawaisor community in Buriram province. Tour guides will be on hand to guide visitors around the site, visit homestays, indulge in local home spas, feast on the chef’s table-style dining experience, and shop for local produce and produce.

Thailand presents the “ThaiGP” trophy

“The people of Buriram are ready to show what the province has to offer and hopefully this will be the model for Buriram that other communities and people in Thailand can adapt and improve their livelihoods. The local charm and attractions are guaranteed to impress visitors.”

Jiraphon Kawswat, President and CEO of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR), as the main sponsor of motor sports in Thailand, said this year that OR has prepared many special activities and privileges for both Thais and internationals. . motorsport fans during the 3-day event.

Some of the highlights include produce stalls as well as food and drink under the OR brand. In addition, there will be special limited edition MotoGP souvenirs and memorabilia for sale at the OR Pavilion. Blue card holders can attend the racing event by redeeming 5 points to receive a 25% discount on tickets for the OR THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2022. This year, OR has also prepared the EV Bike area where visitors can enjoy hands-on experience with EV bikes.

Surapol Uthintu, External Relations Director of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, said that for the “MotoGP 2022” event, Chang has prepared exciting activities for attendees and fans with the Chang Transport Station, where fans can travel to and from the circuit for free.

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The Chang House will allow motorsports fans to enjoy the adrenaline rush of the race on a huge LED screen. Chang is holding “Chang Music Connection,” where top Thai music acts including Slot Machine and Joey Boy will perform on Friday, September 30.

The next day, October 1, visitors can get their action fix with a Muay Thai boxing match. Look Thung’s beloved musician Kratai Pannipa will perform on stage and the musical extravaganza will end with a performance by singer Oat Pramote on October 2.

Motorsports fans wishing to attend can purchase tickets at Counter Service All Ticket at 7-Eleven stores nationwide or visit For more information, visit the Chang Buriram Circuit Facebook page.

A special promotion is offered for tickets to the activities area at the price of 100 baht/day or 200 baht for 3 days. Holders of this ticket will not be able to enter the circuit ground to attend the race event, but may attend the OR Thailand Grand Prix Exhibition located opposite the circuit ground.

Visitors can enjoy the shows, food and shopping at the exhibition, as well as various activities such as concerts, boxing matches and a Meet & Greet event with world famous MotoGP riders and their teams.

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