Tendo Nagenda Leaves Netflix As Senior Film Executive For 4 Years In Restructuring – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Tendo Nagenda is leaving Netflix this week. It’s due out on September 1, a development that stemmed from a move to simplify the structure of the film crew. Under the direction of Global Films, Scott Stuber, Netflix has been methodically optimizing its executive structure. There will now be a Studio Film team led by Kira Goldberg and Ori Marmur, whose upcoming films include Slumberland, heart of stoneY The murderer.

Nagenda was a fast-rising executive who had spent more than eight years at Disney when Stuber hired him as one of his first big hires. Nagenda was an important part in Stuber’s shift from running a movie studio whose inventory was largely made up of licensed or third-party films to one that developed projects in-house and secured star-driven packages and quickly turned them into blockbuster movies. budget. Netflix has been the most nominated studio at the Oscars for three years in a row and generates a far bigger slate of movies than any major rival studio. Given the recent rocky road the company has had in its share price of late, that high number of annual productions is likely to veer toward a more selective strategy. I was told that Nagenda, who oversaw a team that he made the gray man Y Extraction among others, he was offered the opportunity to switch to a producer role. Instead, he chose to pursue other avenues. But his departure is friendly.

Said Stuber in confirming Nagenda’s departure: “Tendo joined the company four years ago and helped build our studio film team, which delivered movies like TThe Harder They Fall, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Old Guard, Da 5 Bloods Y Hustle. It was an integral part of our evolution from acquiring and licensing movies to making them ourselves. We wish him all the best for the future.”

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Said Nagenda: “I am honored to have been a small part of a film team that has led the Oscar nominations for three years in a row, become the world’s largest film producer by any metric, lead the industry through a pandemic, and become the standard-bearer for representation and inclusion both in front of and behind the camera. I wish Netflix continued tenacity and audacity to deliver the big hits and tell the great and beloved stories that need to be told. Glide.”

Deadline obtained a copy of an internal memo Nagenda just sent to colleagues at Netflix. Here it is:

With deep appreciation for the past four years and boundless optimism for the future of our business, I am terminating my position at Netflix. I came to Netflix guided by the belief that too many moving and transformative stories have gone untold. Together with you, I have worked to help storytellers tell these stories and others with authenticity, dignity and high entertainment value, and share them with a global audience that only Netflix can reach.

Borrowing from James Baldwin, “you [tell stories] change the world… the world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter even one millimeter, the way people see reality, then you can change it”.

I am honored to have been a small part of a film team that has led in Oscar nominations three years in a row, become the largest film producer in the world by any metric, led the industry through a pandemic and I have become the standard bearer for representation and inclusion both in front of and behind the camera. In that quest for inclusion, I am especially proud to participate, with many brave and selfless colleagues, in creating Strategic Bet #16: Big & Beloved Inclusive Content Across all of Netflix Entertainment. Together, through this work, we have altered reality by millimeters and changed the world.

As the industry and the world continue to change, I wish each of you the continued tenacity and boldness to make the big changes and tell the big, beloved stories that need to be told. Glide.

With gratitude and best regards,


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