Tencent Cloud Wins Three Major Awards at the 2022 Asian Technology Excellence Awards

Recognition awarded to Tencent Cloud for his work empowering leading organizations in Indonesia, Thailand Y the philippines

HONG KONG, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tencent Cloudthe cloud business of a global technology company Tencenthas won three important prizes in the recently celebrated Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 in recognition of its excellent cloud services and infrastructure technologies. As a prestigious awards program in the region, the Asian Technology Excellence Awards are dedicated to outstanding technology projects and innovations from exceptional companies in their respective industries.

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, won three major awards at the recently held Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 in recognition of its excellent cloud services and infrastructure technologies.
Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, won three major awards at the recently held Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 in recognition of its excellent cloud services and infrastructure technologies.

Awards stand out Tencent The Cloud’s Contribution to Help Optimize Operations for Southeast Asian Organizations, with Leading Cloud Services Provider Winning the Award Indonesian Technology Excellence Award for Infrastructure Technology – Financial Services; the Thailand Technology Excellence Award for Cloud – Media & Entertainment; and the Philippines Technology Excellence Award for Cloud – Financial Services.

The Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 aim to recognize exceptional companies that are riding the wave of digital disruption and leading the technology revolution and digital transformation journeys in their respective industries.

Krittee Manoleehagul, Vice President of Tencent International Cloud for Southeast Asiasaid, “Tencent Cloud is honored to have received three accolades at the Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022. These awards serve as proof of Tencent Cloud’s high-performance, high-quality, and high-reliability cloud services, proven in our work with companies like Ookbee and Bank Neo Commerce. We hope to help more companies and organizations to Southeast Asia and around the world, providing secure and stable platforms to help them on their digital journeys.”

Best-in-class banking with Bank Neo Commerce, through Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud has worked with Neo Commerce Bank (BNC) in Indonesia to achieve its goal of entering a new era of digital service optimization, providing maximum convenience and comfort for its customers. With the help of collaboration, BNC has seen explosive growth in the number of users, while also becoming an important part of the rise of digital financial services.

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Addressing challenges such as massive data, high-frequency transactions, and insufficient data architecture, BNC enlisted the assistance of Tencent TDSQL from Cloud, your all-in-one distributed database solution, to build your up-to-date database.

TDSQL is a financially certified infrastructure featuring strong consistency, high availability and performance, a global deployment architecture, distributed scale-out, and enterprise-grade security. The database also serves as a crucial foundation for BNC’s digital offerings and services, without the hassle of expensive commercial databases.

In addition, TDSQL assures BNC of quality increases in reliability, security and professional experience. It supports comprehensive features for data backup, disaster recovery, and quick update features. TDSQL’s consistency, availability, and performance have provided strong support for BNC’s explosive business growth in 2021 as it acquires 20 million users and 35 million accounts in a year.

okbee and Tencent The cloud brings people together through entertainment
In the field of media and entertainment, Tencent The cloud has also provided a technology platform for startups. bumblebeea company based in Thailand offering applications ranging from online novels and streaming music to video on demand, catering to the younger generation across Southeast Asia. The company has grown to have more than 10 million users in the last year.

To more efficiently serve its growing number of users, Ookbee uses Tencent Cloud Platforms to achieve your three goals: having a proven technology platform to support your innovative community interactivity; have innovative communication tools to engage users; and have a stable and scalable cloud platform to maintain a good user experience.

Tencent Cloud has been providing a wide range of cloud services to Ookbee, including TencentDB for MongoDB, Cloud Virtual Machine, Cloud Object Storage, Content Delivery Network, Game Multimedia Engine, Tencent Real-time communications, video on demand, cloud streaming services and more. Tencent Cloud also offers many SDKs where Ookbee can integrate and even make your app more advanced.

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With the help of Tencent Cloud, Ookbee successfully strengthened its platforms and solidified its position as a platform for groups of people with common interests throughout the region.

Secure and reliable payment services of an electronic wallet guaranteed through Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud has supported a leading digital payments company in the Philippines to speed up your authentication process and improve your business operation. Tencent The cloud engaged multiple product teams and industry partners to ensure the successful delivery of the project, while also taking it a step further by improving e-wallet identity verification accuracy, adding a web-enabled solution, and offer a special payment method to help the company be one step ahead of its competition. With the help of Tencent Cloud, the company was able to strengthen the security and stability of its platform.

Tencent cloud in Southeast Asia emphasizes its focus on key industries such as entertainment, banking and financial institutions, retail, e-commerce, gaming, and education. To meet a wide range of customer needs across industries, the company has implemented more than 400 industry-leading cloud products and solutions. In addition, the company also has an extensive and growing infrastructure network with 70 availability zones in 26 regions. In Southeast Asia alone, there are four data centers in Singaporetwo in Indonesiaand two others in Thailand to meet the growing demands of customers.

On Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud, one of the fastest growing cloud companies in the world, is committed to creating innovative solutions to solve real-world problems and enable digital transformation for smart industries. Through our extensive global infrastructure, Tencent The cloud provides companies around the world with stable and secure industry-leading cloud products and services, leveraging technological advances such as cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, IoT and security. of the network. Our constant mission is to meet the needs of industries in all fields, including the fields of education, finance, healthcare, gaming, media and entertainment, property, retail, travel and transportation. .

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