Taryn Manning attends an AA meeting to sanction evil

Vertical Entertainment just released the new movie Punish the eviland we have an exclusive clip to debut with orange is the new black star Taryn Manning. In the movie, Manning plays an FBI agent investigating a criminal conspiracy, but in our clip, she shows another side of herself by attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and talking about her struggles. You can take a look at the video below.

Ante Novakovic directed Punish the evil. Based on the story by Lance Sharp, the film is written by Kyle Travis Sharp. Novakovic also produced the film with Rob Simmons, Harry Azano, and Bryan Taheim. Along with Manning, Punish the evil stars Tobias Truvillion, Zach McGowan, Ebony Jo-ann, Chris Tardio, Carrie Kim, Kyle Sharp, Tasha Lawrence, Kresh Novakovic, and James Biberi.


The official synopsis for the film reads:

Master Sergeant Reginald Barnes (Truvillion), a decorated war hero, is dishonorably discharged after four tours of duty when a soldier under his command goes rogue. Disenfranchised by the very government he honorably served, Barnes is now on his own to rebuild his life. But he finds his way back into society after being recruited by the charismatic and ambitious politician Dakota Ambrose (McGowan) and his life has a new purpose. As the mission unfolds, Barnes and Ambrose walk a fine line between covert military operations on civilian soil and unauthorized retaliation against an underground criminal element, all while being tracked down by FBI Special Agent Kensington (Manning).

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Taryn Manning was excited to take on something different

Taryn Manning is well known for her roles in the hit Netflix prison series. orange is the new black as well as FX drama Sons of Anarchy. More recently, she has been appearing in movies like The exit, Every last one of themY Karen. Manning also recently joined the cast of the upcoming courtroom drama Miranda’s Victim, which tells the true story of the case that resulted in the establishment of Miranda’s rights. The actress will also appear with Scout Taylor Compton in the upcoming horror film. They turned us into killers.

his role in Punish the evil However, it was something out of the ordinary for Manning as an actress. This was what made joining the cast of the film so appealing. While Manning had some unique roles in the past, she was interested in trying something different by playing an agent in Punish the evil.

“I play an FBI agent, and it’s another twisted story of a soldier coming back from the Iraq war, and a different kind of role than I’ve ever played,” Manning told Screen Rant.

Punish the evil is now available on VOD and in select US theaters courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. You can watch the full trailer for the film below.

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