Syracuse Football 2022 Schedule Review

Syracuse football faces one of the toughest schedules in college football. Orange faces five ranked opponents, including two in the top five and three in the top 15. Three of the five ranked opponents are away from home. How does Syracuse navigate the schedule to get to six wins and a bowl spot?

1. Win the games you should

Syracuse has to beat Wagner and UConn. Period. Both are teams that should be inferior to Syracuse. If you can’t win both games, you’re not going to bowl.

2. Win “Toss-Up” games

There are several games on the schedule that will be seen as “release” types that could go either way. They include Louisville, Purdue, Virginia, Florida State, and Boston College. Obviously, if Syracuse wins four of those five, after winning the games at number one above, that’s six games and bowl eligibility. If not, one or two surprises will be necessary. The good news for the Oranges is that all four are home.

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