State-of-the-art technology and business combine to guarantee success

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 10:31 p.m.

New technologies have changed the world. And, from now on, also the way of teaching. Universa, a higher professional training institution, is aware that education cannot be left behind in this regard. And that is why it has developed the most advanced educational ecosystem: Universae360. Everything on this platform is completely in line with the new times, focused on the intensive use of Virtual and Augmented Reality and simulators.

This innovative system aims to present each learning concept in a format that allows assimilation in the most comfortable way. In this way, for example, a student with a higher degree in building projects now has the possibility of learning how to build a building from the ground up. Or to get started in computing, if you have opted for a computer science career. These are just some of the many opportunities offered by the interactive programs and developments of Universae360, a tool that expands the options offered by Simple Notes almost infinitely. Thanks to this method, learning is more enjoyable and, therefore, it is much easier to retain and assimilate assumptions.

Universae not only stands out for its extensive use of technology, but also maintains constant contact with the most relevant companies in each sector. In this way, you ensure that your students are employed in the best possible conditions. For this reason, the Higher Institute of Vocational Training has signed thousands of agreements with the most important companies in each sector. These agreements are not limited to requiring students to complete their training with internships in said companies. The collaboration is very useful, since the companies will participate in the training and experience of the young people through master classes, tutorials and seminars from the beginning.

Site 23

The program called Campus23 guarantees that all the institutions of the Universiade act as authentic interconnection environments between companies and students, who will thus be able to train hand in hand with the best companies. It is the latter who, in their search for professional talent, should include them in their squads in the near future.

The Universae has more than 65,000 square meters dedicated to teaching, spread over seven campuses. All the workshops, libraries, classrooms and laboratories of these educational complexes have the most advanced technological equipment imaginable. Thanks to this, students not only enjoy an unbeatable work environment, but also have at their disposal all the technical resources they will need when they are already working.

Among all the facilities, the automotive workshops at the Murcia headquarters stand out in a special way, thanks to their more than 5,000 square meters, which makes it the largest area dedicated to the sector in Spain. Higher-grade automotive education is taught here, including specialized training in motorsport and hybrid engines and in bodywork and electromechanics of medium-grade motor vehicles.

Universae has more than fifty official titles from the Ministry of Education. Among them, for various reasons, it is necessary to highlight those related to computing and programming. All of them are in very high demand due to the growing need for technical professionals as reported by companies. Not surprisingly, it is expected that in the coming years it will be necessary to cover 200,000 jobs of this type in Spain alone. As if that were not enough, almost three out of four students (70%) of careers such as DAM (Development of Multiplatform Applications), DAW (Development of Web Applications) or Microsystems and Computer Networks fulfill their mission. complete, get a job, study. In addition, they do so with high salaries, which range between 30,000 and 60,000 euros per year, according to a report by Randstad Research on Salary Trends.

Also noteworthy are the degrees associated with the automotive industry and the more classic degrees in administration and finance, early childhood education, social integration, marketing and advertising…

Already immersed in the enrollment period, UNIVERSAE offers a wide range of personal financing possibilities and a large bag of scholarships and grants.

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