Springfield man recruited to play Top Cop in upcoming feature film

Springfield man recruited to play Top Cop in upcoming feature film

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – That’s the end of the movie “The Life of Me,” starring Danielle Nicolet and Brian White, at least for the parts filmed in Springfield, Tennessee. The project created opportunities for Springfield residents and businesses, but for one man it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Somehow, in the process of helping the film crew get settled, Springfield Parks and Recreation Director Terry Martin “was discovered.” In an interview with Smokey Barn News, Martin said that he was showing the crew around possible filming locations when someone said, “Would you like to play the role of police chief in our movie?” — “I thought they were joking,” Martin said. But they weren’t, and before he knew it, Martin was dressed in a police uniform surrounded by cameras with people yelling CUT, ACTION, and PRINT THAT.

Martin said it was fun but he won’t be retiring from his job as Director of Parks and Recreation any time soon. “It’s not for me,” Martin said. “It was fun but it is very hard work.” Martin told Smokey Barn News that he watches completely different movies now that he’s been on the other side.

For Martin’s full account of his experience as an actor in a feature film, see Smokey’s formal interview above. By the way, if Martin looks familiar to you, he was in the news last week. Martin was in Gatlinburg except for the Tennessee Municipal Achievement Award for Excellence for the great work his team has done in parks and recreation. FULL STORY They say it’s coming in three, so we’re expecting Martin to make a moon landing next week.

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According to representatives of the film crew, “The Life of Me” will be released around Easter 2023. Terry Martin was not the only local who appeared in the film. The crew used a lot of extras to dance, cheer, walk, sit and stand, pretty much everything, so there will be a lot of familiar faces and places in this film.

Their biggest day was Sunday, August 14, when they filmed the big parade scene in the downtown plaza of Springfield. We were told that the extras were well fed during production with prepared food and lots of fun snacks and food trucks, all provided by local businesses.

Here is the production synopsis for the movie “The Life of Me” A wealthy heir walks away from the family business and starts a new life in a small town. He struggles to hide his true identity from his new friends and his new love, but when the family business shows up to steal his new friend’s businesses and land, he must risk telling them the truth or do nothing. watch them lose it all.

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