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If you love food and travel, you’ve probably heard of the amazing Somebody Feed Phil, which is currently in its sixth season. The Netflix show is announced by Phil Rosenthal, who was an executive producer on the hit comedy show Everybody Loves Raymond. We can follow you to different destinations as you explore new cuisines and cultures around the world.

This season we start with Philadelphia, the hometown of his wife. He introduces us to the Reading Terminal Market which he claims has the best food you can find. He could be right because, based on the feast he was able to prepare at the market, it all looked delicious. He also meets a Nigerian chef, Shola Olunloyo, who invites him over to her house for a backyard barbecue. He met up with some friends on his adventure in Philadelphia and they enjoy meals at the best restaurants in the city.

In the next foodie adventure, our funny boy heads to Croatia for a somewhat dangerous meeting with some sea urchins, while in Austin, Phil experiences the goodness of grilled food. Americans love to barbecue, or so the head of a travel channel once told Phil. Throughout the episode, he explores different barbecues at different restaurants while meeting new people and old friends.

Santiago is our fourth destination where we learn the rules surrounding the Chilean sandwich culture. Apparently, you should never share a sandwich no matter how big it is. Everyone should have their own and eat it with a knife and fork. I guess it’s true that you always learn new things when you travel and at the end of the show the food was so good that for a split second Phil considered moving to Chile.

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The final destination is Nashville, where Phil discovers that he has no sense of rhythm on the dance floor. Interestingly, the series also includes a final episode that serves as a touching dedication to Phil’s parents who have been a part of the show on numerous occasions.

It’s easy to see where Phil gets his easy-going nature and genuine appreciation for life and food. Watching them reminisce and share family memories of him is not only endearing but fun. It is a joyous episode that touches hearts and reminds us of the importance of good family relationships.

What I love about the show is how Phil is effortlessly funny and this adds a certain flair to the show. He can make a joke and also accept it. He is the kind of person who can make friends easily and throughout the show, he vibes with the locals at his destination. He is adventurous and willing to try and you can feel his enthusiasm and joy as he experiences a new cuisine and culture.

The show still maintains its structure and in each episode, he invites a friend to share a joke as he tells them what he’s been up to. You can’t help but love it because the jokes are good and this helps the show maintain its laid-back nature.

Phil’s pure love of food and his understanding of the power behind simple food is certainly appreciable to see. In each episode, there is a sense of togetherness as he shares a hearty and delicious meal with people. As they dine and drink, they share their stories and we come to see food as more than just a way to nourish our bodies. As Phil has said before, some dishes feed the soul and he’s right. These foods have a rich history and tell the story of the past while giving hope for the future.

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My only advice is don’t watch this show when you’re hungry, you won’t survive! The endless display of delicious cuisines from around the world will whet your appetite. This show is a food lover’s dream and you can’t help but delight in watching Phil explode with ecstasy as he wholeheartedly eats the food without an ounce of restraint.

There is everything to love in this show. Phil is an amazing host with a witty charm and the show just keeps getting better. What’s not to love about exceptional food adventures and travel?

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