Soccer Practice Report: August 31

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Preparing his team for Saturday’s season opener, UO coach dan lanning has used the metaphor of water reaching its boiling point.

Measured in terms of Fahrenheit, that point is 212 degrees. Based on Lanning’s mood after Wednesday’s practice, the Ducks could be around 211.

“Pretty good day of preparation for our guys,” Lanning said. “Pleased with progress as we get closer and closer to travel.”

However, as Lanning is also prone to say, the hay isn’t in the barn yet, at least not until the ball is kicked for Saturday’s Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic between Oregon and Georgia (12:30 p.m. ET). ABC). The team is scheduled to have one more practice in Eugene on Thursday morning before leaving for Atlanta later that afternoon.

Since school is not yet in session for the Ducks, every available moment can be spent preparing in one way or another for Saturday’s game.

“Our players really embraced the work, the extra work necessary,” Lanning said. “That being said, I still think there are opportunities for us to get ready and get ready and continue to improve between now and the game. Lots of things we can fix.”

This is the second straight season for the Ducks to feature a non-conference marquee matchup against a Power 5 opponent in hostile territory. In 2021, Oregon went to Ohio State and beat the Buckeyes in their home stadium.

For the members of the 2022 Oregon football team who played in that game, reflecting on this week’s experience could be beneficial. but only up to a certain point.

“There’s a level of confidence in that, but at the end of the day it’s two different teams,” UO offensive lineman ryan ride said. “Ohio State is not the same team as Georgia. And it’s going to be a completely different environment, going to Atlanta. There’s a good experience coming from last year’s game; at the end of the day there’s no remnant of that, but a confidence level. Sure, there’s a bit of that.”

The Ducks will get an early start to their day on Thursday and thus adjust early to the time change they face traveling east. Friday’s schedule includes an “activation upgrade” for the players, Lanning said, using the facilities of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, whose quarterback Marcus Mariota is Oregon’s honorary captain for Saturday’s game.

Under normal conditions, Lanning said, coaches could use some time on Friday to recruit. But since this is Oregon’s first road trip of the year, the staff will keep things focused on Saturday’s game.

“We go there for work,” Lanning said. “We have a job.”

Unable: The Ducks will also use a portion of their time on Friday to check out Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Falcons’ home field and the site of Saturday’s game. … Former UO star, NFL quarterback and successful high school football coach Chris Miller attended practice Wednesday morning.


Coach dan lanning
On the balance of recovering from a difficult preseason camp while preparing for Saturday’s game

“It’s a tough balance. We still have a few recovery days between now and game day. That will certainly help. I will say this, I’d rather push and overwork right now up front than feel like we didn’t do enough.” .”

Senior offensive lineman ryan ride
Along the way, practices have helped the O line prepare to face Jalen Carter, the preseason American from Georgia.

brandon dorlus he’s got a similar level of crunch, he’s got a good arm over the top (movement), he’s got a really good pass-rush ball swing. He would say that he gives the best appearance of what we will see from Jalen Carter on Saturday. We are looking forward to him.”

Post-Practice Interviews:

Senior offensive lineman TJ Bass

Senior offensive lineman ryan ride

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