Snabba Cash season 2 – Everything we know about the Netflix series

This article discusses Season 2 of the Netflix series Snabba Cash and covers the premise, release date, production, cast, and trailer.

Here’s the second season of the crime thriller series that was a sleeper hit for the streaming platform in 2021. Although it didn’t do as well in the UK, Australia, or the US, the Swedish show was hugely popular in the countries. nordic . The combination of commercial and gang crime intertwined with relationships, both personal and professional, added depth and stakes as the pursuit of money and success intensified in the first season. Thankfully, the show has been renewed and fans can look forward to seeing what happens next for ambitious leading lady Leya.

Here’s everything we know about Snabba Cash Season 2.

Cash season 2 premise

Single mother Leya is an entrepreneur who will stop at nothing to keep her startup alive. In season 1, Leya ends up involved in all kinds of criminal activities. With money borrowed from her drug-dealing brother-in-law to pay off previous investors, and a shrinking claustrophobic circle swooping in on her, it looks like season 2 will be a one time. follows again the nefarious businesses that Leya will have to get involved in, while she strives for success and easy money.

Our take on the premise

The fusion of business and crime will always be of interest, so the secret here is to engage viewers with the story and the twists and turns of its execution. If season one is anything to go by, then season 2 should be a winner, and I have no doubt that the returning cast and production crew will level up for this next outing.

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netflix series Cash season 2 release date

This series will be released in September 2022.

the production team

  • Director: Jesper Ganslandt
  • Producer: Jesper Ganslandt Lisa Farzena Mans Mansson
  • Writers: Osker Soderlund Jesper Garsland Mona Masri Aron Levender

Cash season 2 to emit

  • evan ahmed
  • olle saree
  • Alexander Abdullah
  • ali alarik

Is there a trailer?

Yes there is, and you can see it here:

Everything else we know about Cash season 2

Snabba Cash was originally a trilogy of books by author Jens Lapidus, who also wrote the television series. The first book, published in 2006, became a bestseller and was later adapted into three movies called Easy Money, Easy Money 2 Hard to Kill, and Easy Money Three Life Deluxe. The TV show takes place ten years after the movies. The second season will continue the storylines of the first season and expand on the characters and plot lines established there. This season takes place one year after the first season.

You can watch this series with a Netflix subscription.

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