Slate Asset Management provides fleet financing to Move About Group AB to support the deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure across Europe

LONDON, October 07, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Slate Asset Management (“Slate”), a global alternative investment platform that focuses on real assets, announced today that it has agreed to provide financing to Move About Group AB (“Move About”), a company Swedish electric mobility service, to support the deployment of more than 150 electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Europe. The car financing provided by Slate will be used to bolster Move About’s electric car fleet, which currently owns and operates more than 800 electric cars and has more than 71,000 users on its platform.

Move About is a Sweden-based electric mobility service that offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility solutions to more than 300 locations in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Move About has partnered with some of Europe’s largest companies to save tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Since its founding in 2007, Move About has become the largest provider of zero-emission car sharing in the Nordic region.

Christian Schmid, Managing Director and Global Head of Infrastructure at Slate, said: “We are very pleased to partner with Move About to help expand access to sustainable and cost-effective mobility solutions across Europe. This is an area where we see immense opportunities and exciting growth potential as the demand for more sustainable mobility solutions continues to accelerate globally Together with Move About and our other mobility partners, we can help make this technology more accessible while driving significant reductions in urban carbon emissions.

“For us, this addition to our traditional car leasing arrangements is proof that institutional capital is eager to be part of the important transition to a fossil fuel-free society,” said Olof Jonasson, CEO of Move About. “Of course, we are very pleased that Slate, a leading investor and real asset manager with a deep understanding of sustainable infrastructure, is sharing our vision on the potential of fossil fuel-free mobility.”

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Slate is an active investor in sustainable assets and technologies that advance the global energy transition and enable cities and communities to achieve their carbon emission reduction goals. Last month, Slate announced a strategic partnership with Roswall Development Inc., a fully integrated Canadian renewable energy company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, through the acquisition of a significant minority stake in the company. Slate is also a majority shareholder in Ampere GmbH, a specialist planner and operator of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Germany.

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About Move About AB Group
Move About offers cost-effective, eco-friendly, app-based mobility solutions for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and organizations. The company has developed and owns all intellectual property rights to its cloud-based green technology platform that provides digital access to electric cars, electric bicycles, taxis, subways and parking through the same application, 24 hours a day. of the day Every kilometer that the user travels with the electric cars on the platform reduces CO2 emissions. The Company’s comprehensive mobility solution is based on the Move About application, which provides the user with access to the Company’s fleet of electric cars, electric bicycles and electric scooters. Move About also helps businesses, municipalities, and organizations optimize their vehicle fleets by tailoring mobility solutions as needed. Move About was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2007 and today it has more than 71,000 users on its platform and more than 800 electric cars in its fleet of vehicles with a presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Visit for more information.


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