Sex/Life season 2 won’t be coming to Netflix in September 2022

We are nearing the end of the year and have already seen the release of many great Netflix shows and movies. However, we have yet to see the return of sex/life. And now, after checking out the list of new Netflix shows and movies coming out in September, it looks like we’ll be another month without the drama series returning to our screens. Unfortunately, sex/life season 2 is not coming to Netflix this month.

However, the good news is that filming for the second season wrapped in early May. So the show has been in post-production for almost four months. We wait at least six months of post-production before sex/life Season 2 lands on Netflix. But there’s also the possibility that post-production could take eight months, which would push the release further than we’d like.

Truth be told, it would make more sense to sex/life season 2 to spend six months in post-production because it took six months of post-production for the first season. Also, a show like sex/life it doesn’t require any serious editing as there are no special effects involved. So we think post-production will only take six months. However, there is a rumor that there will be six episodes instead of eight in the second season. If there are fewer episodes, this could reduce the show’s post-production time, meaning we could see the second season sooner than we think.

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce the official release date. But we’re open to sharing our release date predictions in the meantime.

When could Sex/Life season 2 arrive on Netflix?

If the second season spends six months in post-production, we could be looking at a November 2022 release. However, if there are fewer episodes, we think post-production could be shortened to five months, with a release sometime in October. . But since the episode counts for sex/life Season 2 has not been revealed yet, we believe there will be eight episodes like the first season.

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Keep in mind that the second season may need to spend the full eight months in post-production before hitting Netflix. If this is the case, we won’t see the second season until early 2023. More specifically, sometime in January or February 2023. For now, our best release prediction for sex/life season 2 is sometime in late 2022. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix doesn’t hold the show back from release until next year.

We’ll definitely make sure to share the official release date once Netflix announces it!

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