Set of 42 cars for the 300 km SUPER GT Sugo race

Three races remain in the 2022 Autobacs SUPER GT Series, which heads north to the undulating, challenging and always lively Sportsland SUGO in Miyagi Prefecture from September 17-18.

The GT Association (GTA) has released the provisional entry list for the upcoming Sugo GT 300km race, which features a total of 42 cars. And, with the series returning to the standard 300km race format, the entry list for all teams appears to be a bit more “standard” when it comes to driver selections.

The only notable changes in GT300 are in Pacific CarGuy Racing, where gentleman Takeshi Kimura returns aboard the #9 Pacific Hololive NAC Ferrari 488 GT3 along with his professional co-driver Kei Cozzolino. Kimura will get the chance to atone for his legendary moment at the end of GT World Challenge Asia Race 2 at this venue just a few weeks ago. Tomei Sports will field its strongest driver pairing for the Nissan GT-R GT3 #360 RunUp Rivaux, bringing back Yusaku Shibata as partner Takayuki Aoki. Aoki and Shibata combined for a pair of top ten finishes in the 450km rounds at Fuji Speedway.

Additionally, Hiroaki Nagai has been cleared to return to action aboard the #30 Apr Toyota GR86 GT, following his last-minute retirement from the Suzuka 450km last week.

As the sixth round of the season, Sugo will also be the round where the GT500 and GT300 teams have the most Success Ballast on board. GT500 championship leaders, the #12 Calsonic Impul Nissan Z (Kazuki Hiramine/Bertrand Baguette), already have up to 89 kilograms of Success Ballast. This will be applied as 39kg of physical ballast and the ‘Stage 3’ fuel flow restrictor which reduces the fuel consumption rate from the standard 95kg/hr to just 88kg/hr.

Hiramine and Baguette lead the GT500 Championship by 10.5 points and are chasing Team Impul’s first top-flight title in SUPER GT since 1995. The team broke a five-year winless drought at this venue last year, but it will be tough for them to repeat as Sportsland SUGO winners this time.

The three teams behind Impul in the standings will have the “Stage 2” (90.2 kg/h) fuel flow restrictor applied, plus an additional 34 kg of ballast: the #3 CraftSports Motul Z (Katsumasa Chiyo/Mitsunori Takaboshi), the #17 Astemo Honda NSX-GT (Koudai Tsukakoshi/Bertrand Baguette), and Keeper TOM’s #37 Toyota GR Supra (Sacha Fenestraz/Ritomo Miyata).

Two more teams have the “Stage 1” fuel flow restrictor (92.6kg/hr) at this stage, with the #14 Eneos X Prime GR Supra (Kazuya Oshima/Kenta Yamashita) having 43kg of ballast and the Denso Kobelco SARD #39 GR Supra (Yuhi Sekiguchi/Yuichi Nakayama) at 37 kg. All other equipment will burn fuel at the standard rate.

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The equation is simpler in GT300: this is the second consecutive race in which championship leader #56 Realize/Nissan Mechanic Challenge GT-R (Kiyoto Fujinami/João Paulo de Oliveira) has carried the maximum 100kg Success Weight. They currently have a seven-point lead over the #10 TanaX Gainer GT-R (Ryuichiro Tomita/Riki Okusa), who weighs +93kg this weekend.

Despite carrying +89kg, the #61 Subaru BRZ R&D Sport (Takuto Iguchi/Hideki Yamauchi) still has a chance of a good result. The second-generation BRZ took its first victory here last season, with Yamauchi taking pole position in each of the last three years that SUPER GT has visited the 3.586km circuit.

SUGO has always had a reputation for unexpected drama and exciting sports car racing, and whether or not one believes in the “Legend of Mamono”, in reference to the demon that supposedly haunts the circuit, this upcoming race should be any less ordinary thing.

Class Nope. Vehicle/Registered Name drivers Incoming tires
GT500 3 Nissan ZGT500
Motul Z Crafts
katsumasa chiyo
mitsunori takaboshi
NDDP careers michelin
GT500 8 Honda NSXGT
tomoki nojiri
ARTA Bridgestone
GT500 12 Nissan ZGT500
Calsonic boost Z
Kazuki Hiramine
Bertrand Baguette
team boost Bridgestone
GT500 14 Toyota GR Supra GT500
Eneos X Prime GR Supra
kazuya oshima
Kenta Yamashita
TGR Team Eneos ROOKIE Bridgestone
GT500 sixteen Honda NSXGT
Red Bull Motul Mugen NSX-GT
Ukyou Sasahara
Toshiki Oyu
Red Bull Mugen Team dunlop
GT500 17 Honda NSXGT
Astemo NSX-GT
Koudai Tsukakoshi
Nobuharu Matsushita
Astemo Real Racing Bridgestone
GT500 19 Toyota GR Supra GT500
WedsSport Advan GR Supra
Yuji Kunimoto
sena sakaguchi
Team TGR WedsSport Bandoh Yokohama
GT500 23 Nissan ZGT500
Motul Autech Z
Tsugio Matsuda
Ronnie Quintarelli
nismo michelin
GT500 24 Nissan ZGT500
Realize Advan GT-R Corporation
Daiki Sasaki
Kohei Hirate
kondo racing Yokohama
GT500 36 Toyota GR Supra GT500
au TOM’s GR Supra
shō tsuboi
Giuliano Alesi
TGR team with TOM’s Bridgestone
GT500 37 Toyota GR Supra GT500
Keeper TOM’s GR Supra
Sasha Fenestraz
ritomo miyata
TGR TOM’s Team Keeper Bridgestone
GT500 38 Toyota GR Supra GT500
ZENT Cerumo GR Supra
Yuji Tachikawa
Hiroaki Ishiura
Team TGR ZENT Cerumo Bridgestone
GT500 39 Toyota GR Supra GT500
Denso Kobelco SARD GR Supra
Yuhi Sekiguchi
Yuichi Nakayama
TGR SARD Team Bridgestone
GT500 64 Honda NSXGT
NSX-GT module
Takuya Izawa
Hiroki Otsu
Nakajima Racing Module dunlop
GT500 100 Honda NSXGT
Stanley NSXGT
Naoki Yamamoto
Tadasuke Makino
Kunimitsu Team Bridgestone
GT300 two Toyota GR86 GT300
muta Racing GR86 GT
Hiroki Katoh
Yui Tsutsumi
muta Racing INGING Bridgestone
GT300 4 Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo
Goodsmile Hatsune Miku AMG
Nobuteru Taniguchi
Tatsuya Kataoka
Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO Yokohama
GT300 5 MC86 dome
Mach Syaken Air Buster MC86 Mach Go
yusuke tomibayashi
Reiji Hiraki
team male Yokohama
GT300 6 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II
Team LeMans Audi R8 LMS
Yoshiaki Katayama
Roberto Merhi Muntan
le mans team Yokohama
GT300 7 BMW M4GT3
Study BMW M4
seiji ara
August Farfus
BMW x CSL Team Study michelin
GT300 9 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo
Pacific Hololive NAC Ferrari
Takeshi Kimura
Kei Cozzolino
Pacific CarGuy Racing Yokohama
GT300 10 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
TanaX Gainer GT-R
Ryuichiro Tomita
Riki Okusa
Winner dunlop
GT300 eleven Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
TanaX GT-R Winner
Hironobu Yasuda
Keishi Ishikawa
Winner dunlop
GT300 18 Honda NSX GT3 Evo
NSX GT3 Garage
Takashi Kobayashi
UP Garage Team Yokohama
GT300 twenty Toyota GR86 GT300
katsuyuki hiranaka
eijiro shimizu
shadow racing dunlop
GT300 22 Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo
Hisashi wada
masaki jionai
Motorsports R’Qs Yokohama
GT300 25 Toyota GR Supra GT300
Hoppy Schatz GR Supra
Takamitsu Matsui
Seita Nonaka
Tsuchiya Hops Team Yokohama
GT300 30 Toyota GR86 GT300
Apr GR86 GT
Hiroaki Nagai
Manabu Orido
apr Yokohama
GT300 31 Toyota GR Sport Prius PHV GT
Apr GR Sport Prius GT
koki saga
yuhki nakayama
apr Bridgestone
GT300 48 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
Shokumou/K Frontier GT-R
Taiyo Ida
yuki tanaka
NILZZ Racing Yokohama
GT300 fifty MC86 dome
Arnage MC86
Masaki Kano
Ryohei Sakaguchi
Arnage Racing Yokohama
GT300 52 Toyota GR Supra GT300
Saitama Toyopet GB GR Supra GT
Hiroki Yoshida
kohta kawaii
Saitama Toyopet GreenBrave Bridgestone
GT300 55 Honda NSX GT3 Evo
Hideki Mutoh
Iori Kimura
ARTA Bridgestone
GT300 56 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
Perform Nissan Mechanic Challenge GT-R
Kiyoto Fujinami
John Paul de Oliveira
kondo racing Yokohama
GT300 60 Toyota GR Supra GT300
Syntium LM corsa GR Supra GT
Hiroki Yoshimoto
Shunsuke Kohno
Corsa LM dunlop
GT300 61 Subaru BRZ GT300
Subaru BRZ R&D Sport
Takuto Iguchi
Hideki Yamauchi
R&D Sport dunlop
GT300 Sixty-five Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo
LEON Pyramid AMG
Naoya Gamu
Takuro Shinohara
K2 I+D LEON Racing Bridgestone
GT300 87 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo I
Bamboo Airways Lamborghini GT3
kosuke matsuura
natsu sakaguchi
JLOC Yokohama
GT300 88 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo I
Weibo Primez Lamborghini GT3
takashi kogure
yuya motojima
JLOC Yokohama
GT300 96 Lexus RCF GT3
K-tunes RC F GT3
nitta morio
Shinichi Takagi
K Tune Racing dunlop
GT300 244 Toyota GR Supra GT300
Hachi-Ichi GR Supra GT
kimiya sato
Atsushi Miyake
max runs Yokohama
GT300 360 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
Racing Rivaux GT-R
Takayuki Aoki
yusaku shibata
tomei sports Yokohama
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Ticket list updated as of September 5, 2022

Images © GTA

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