‘Set him free from his entire career’ – Dale Earnhardt Jr took aim at ‘nasty’ Kyle Busch this season at Darlington

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch were never exactly friends when Earnhardt Jr was driving full-time in NASCAR. However, over the years, it seems the two have worked things out. And the story behind them settling the dispute with ‘beer and donuts’ was featured on Earnhardt’s Dale Jr Download podcast about four years ago.

However, the Darlington race controversy surrounding Busch in 2022 triggered memories of Dale Earnhardt Jr. In one of his podcast episodes, Earnhardt Jr discussed why he feels Busch behaves a certain way. Although the former NASCAR driver defended ‘Rowdy’ Busch’s actions at Darlington, he still spoke about why the event didn’t surprise him.


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Kyle Busch faced a lot of criticism after leaving his race car on pit road at Darlington Speedway. However, Earnhardt Jr. said which was no big deal, since no one knew what state his car was in at the time. But after defending his current actions, Earnhardt said he’s used to seeing Busch do those things.

He said; “This is why I feel the way I feel. It doesn’t bother me. I mean, of course, parking your car in the middle of pit road is no good. But it’s because Kyle Busch did it that it doesn’t bother me. He does these things and that’s the way Kyle is.”

In addition, he said that Busch’s behavior is a result of the way he has been treated over the years. he added; “And I’ll be honest, everyone has let him off the hook throughout his career, every time he’s been blatantly obnoxious or made poor decisions.”


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After that, Dale Earnhardt Jr pointed out that people don’t care much about Busch’s behavior. He said; “I would say 90% of the time he gets a pass because ‘Oh! He is passionate. Oh! He hates losing. How many post-race interviews have you missed? Missing?

Why did a panicked Kyle Busch force Dale Earnhardt Jr to tweet?

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s recent tweet about Kyle Busch joining Richard Childress Racing blew up the NASCAR Twitter sphere. Although Earnhardt didn’t explicitly state that Busch would be moving to RCR, the three emojis in the tweet were more than enough for fans to crack the news.


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After that, Earnhardt also published another cheep that hinted that Busch might join 23XI Racing. But the real story behind the scenes is funnier than the tweets.

Apparently, after Earnhardt’s first tweet, Kyle Busch called him and gave him a hard time on the phone.


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Although the formal announcement that Busch would join RCR had already been made, at the time, the news was still under wraps. And so a panicked Busch asked Earnhardt why he couldn’t wait for the announcement. To make it look like Dale Earnhardt Jr was just posting his guess, Busch forced him to “Send another tweet!”

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