Selling the OC: Meet Polly Brindle, the Real Estate Agent Who Has Netflix Fans Divided

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If you are a fan of sunset sale then you’ll probably notice that the Oppenheim brothers are back at a new location, this time in Orange County, California.

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And with a new branch comes a host of new faces who are experts when it comes to selling beautiful mansions on America’s beautiful West Coast. An agent participating in Netflix‘s I sell the OC has caught the attention of many. Meet Polly Brindle here…

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Who sells Polly Brindle from OC and where is she from?

Polly Brindle is a model turned real estate agent who works for the Oppenheim Group and is currently starring in the new Netflix show, I am selling the OC.

Those who have already seen the series will know that Polly is actually from the UK. The 36-year-old was born and raised in West Yorkshire but is now a US citizen after moving in 2011.

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Polly [left] is a model from West Yorkshire, England

How did Polly Brindle from Selling the OC become famous?

After being discovered by talent scouts at the age of 15, Polly became a model and worked in the fashion industry in London, Paris and Milan. She gained more than 20 years working as a model in publishing houses and working in a fashion agency.

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Polly then decided to immigrate to Los Angeles where she began to focus on a career in architecture and design and soon became a manager at an architecture firm. She also tried her hand at acting and has had roles in movies like dead jingle ii Y the glass man. Polly is now best known for her role as an employee at the Oppenheim Group for the Netflix show.

Fans are pretty divided on the real estate agent.

Is Polly Brindle from Selling the OC married?

On the show, Polly opened up about her love life and it is revealed that she was previously married when she was 20 years old. However, the real estate agent is now divorced.

What are fans of Selling the OC’s Polly Brindle doing?

It seems that viewers are pretty divided about Polly in I sell the OC. While some love the drama of stories, others don’t. One person wrote: “Polly wanting an apology from Kayla is crazy to me because you are married to Tyler and whatever happened in your marriage is no one’s fault but your husband’s. #sellingtheoc.”

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Jason and Brett opened a new branch in Orange County

A second said, “If Polly put as much energy into selling houses as she did into hating Alexandria, she’d be one of the best producing agents in the #SellingTheOC office.”

However, other members of the audience are big fans of the reality star. “I LOVE POLLY!!! #SellingTheOC,” said one fan, while another commented: “So far I love Polly because I love her accentty that everyone keeps acting like they can’t understand her #SellingTheOC.”

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