Schnathorst Wins Thrill Sprint Compact Title at 34 Raceway

Burlington's Tim Schnathorst won the sport compact season championship Saturday at 34 Raceway.

MIDDLETOWN — Tim Schnathorst was overcome with emotion as he sat in his compact sports car racing Saturday night at 34 Raceway.

Schnathorst had just won the track championship by finishing fifth in the 12-lap sport compact feature race, two places behind Larry Miller.

Schnathorst and Miller finished tied in the points race with 297 points, but Schnathorst claimed the season championship by virtue of his three standout wins. Miller didn’t win a notable race this season.

As Schnathorst sat in his car, beads of sweat running down his face and tears welling up in his eyes, he couldn’t help but think of his grandfather, Lloyd Huss, who died three and a half years ago.

All of Schnathorst’s racing memorabilia involves Huss, including the number 63 on his compact sports car.

This, Schnathorst said, was for his grandfather, a special gift he has been trying to get for his grandfather for three years.

Tim Schnathorst, Burlington, won the 2022 Sport Compact track championship at 34 Raceway.

“I did it for my grandfather. I wish he was here watching me. I finally got one,” Schnathorst said. “I built a car with his birthday on the side of my car. It’s June 3. That’s his birthday.”

While Bobby Douglas won the feature race, the season title finally belonged to Schnathorst.

Huss had promised his grandson that he would help him build a race car, but he fell ill and died before he could keep that promise. Schnathorst built the car and then went to work making his grandfather proud.

“I’ve been fighting it all season. I’ve been fighting it all season. It’s been a great ride,” said Schnathorst, 36, who started coming to 34 Raceway when he was three years old along with his grandfather, his father, Tim Schnathorst and his uncle, Bob Schnathorst. I’m happy to finally get the championship this year.”

Jeff Guengerich, Washington, has a slight lead over Tommy Elston, Keokuk in the fifteen-car late-model show at 34 Raceway on Saturday night, August 27.

Also winning notable races on Saturday were Cody Wehrle in 305 sprints, Travis Denning in IMCA Modified, Jason Roth in IMCA Sport Modified and Jeff Guengerich in IMCA Late Models.

The winning track championships in their respective classes were Wehrle and Guengerich along with Sean Wyett in IMCA Sport Modified and Austen Becerra in IMCA Modified.

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Brian Tipps won the mini-hauler season title on August 20, while Chad Krogmeier was the IMCA stock car season champion.

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