Sandman Season 2 Gets An Exciting Update From The VFX Supervisor

The Sandman Season 2 gets an exciting update from visual effects supervisor Ian Markiewicz, confirming that there is indeed a framework for it. The Sandman it arrived on Netflix on August 5 and received a very positive reception. The series came about after decades of attempts to adapt Neil Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name, but all failed. Like the comic books, Netflix The Sandman follows Morpheus aka Dream (Tom Surridge), one of the seven Endless who has been imprisoned for over a century. Escaping, she returns to his realm, The Dreaming, to reassert his power over her once more.


The Sandman Season 2 hasn’t been officially renewed, but its positive reception and potential to expand the story bodes well for it. There’s certainly still plenty of source material to use, as Gaiman’s comic series spans 75 issues. In addition to this, The Sandman enjoyed a long stay on Netflix’s top 10 most-watched TV shows list. Its high praise and high viewership have even led some fans to demand that Netflix renew the series.

Related: Where to watch The SandmanIn an interview with rant on screenThe Sandman visual effects supervisor Markiewicz gave an exciting update on season 2. Markiewicz confirmed that The Sandman The team is not waiting for a renewal to start working on Season 2. In fact, they have already built a solid framework for it. While the scripts are still being reworked, they definitely have an arc and are now working on fine-tuning all the details to ensure the best possible approach for Season 2. Check out their statement below:

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We have a really wonderful framework for what we think Season 2 will be. Allan is still tweaking scripts and reworking things, but we have an arc. Up until very recently, I think maybe even two weeks or so, Gary, our production designer, Allan and I met over lunch, and we’re going to script that meeting. It’s like, “Okay, let’s watch 201,” and we’ll do our breakdowns together, where we turn the page on 201, and we’re like, “Okay, what do we think? Where can we shoot this? Can we shoot this in real space?” If not, what do we need to build, if we need to build it? Are we building this as a physical set, or can it be a building as a virtual set or a combination of both? Is it physical to some extent, and then digital beyond that? of that?” I’m just trying to break each one down to say, “What’s the highest value for this, what’s the most sensible way that it meets the need for what we need it to be?” That process is happening now, which is great, and it’s really fun and exciting to be able to have Season 1 and behind us to find out what we felt worked there, things we wanted to refine more of, and how that impacts our approach for Season 2.

Markiewicz’s statement is not a confirmation that The Sandman season 2 will happen. However, it confirms that if, or when, that renewal occurs, The Sandman The team will be ready to go immediately. The fact that there are solid plans for Season 2, a story arc, and a fine-tuning process being employed means the team has cautious hopes for a renewal. It also means that viewers can hope for great things in season 2. Now that season 1 has passed, everyone The Sandman crews’s efforts are focused on Season 2 and putting together a solid plan to make it as valuable as possible.

Ultimately, impatience The SandmanThe renewal of is understandable. The series concluded almost a month ago and many fans feel that it has proven to be a success. At the same time, there is not much to do other than respect the process. Fortunately, The Sandman The team isn’t letting impatience or frustration get in the way of what needs to be done and they’re still working on season 2. After all, even if Netflix decides not to renew The Sandman, there is a possibility that it will be picked up by another streaming service. Therefore, Markiewicz The Sandman The update assures fans that the team is planning for Season 2 and will be ready regardless of the outcome of the renewal.

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