SAG-AFTRA Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New Netflix Contract – Deadline

SAG-AFTRA members have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract with Netflix. According to the union, the vote was 89.03% in favor of ratification, although it did not disclose the actual vote count or how many of its more than 171,000 members voted.

“The gains we made on this contract are historic,” said Fran Drescher, union president. “There was a convergence of opportunities to take advantage of. Now was the time to strike while the iron was hot or forever chasing the rebuilding of the contract forever out of reach. Advances in reducing exclusivity are essential. The official actor now has the freedom to work multiple jobs and make a living with fewer restrictions. Our bargaining committee, staff, board and body of members came together in perfect harmony. We now enter a new chapter that levels the playing field, giving actors the respect and dignity they so richly deserve.”

“SAG-AFTRA has capitalized on Netflix’s willingness to negotiate innovative change to bring about groundbreaking improvements for members ranging from supporting artists to series regulars,” said SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland. “The actual earnings will improve the lives of many SAG-AFTRA members, including new union jobs for background actors and Spanish voice actors; new residuals for stunt coordinators; and huge improvements in options and exclusivity for series regulars.”

One of the main achievements of the new deal is an improvement in the options and exclusivity provisions contained in performers’ personal services agreements, terms that can keep TV series regulars out of the market and unable to work for unreasonably long periods of time. The new contract creates a “conflict-free window” of at least three months during each season in which artists can agree to a permitted appearance on another show or network without first confirming availability and potential scheduling with Netflix.

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Earlier this month, the union reached a similar agreement with the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP). SAG-AFTRA leaders had been trying for more than a decade to get the industry to limit those provisions, but say the companies only agreed to tame the long-standing practice under the threat of a bill that would almost certainly pass. in the California legislature that they have been forced to do so. That bill is now expected to be withdrawn.

Other gains in the new Netflix deal, which had been overwhelmingly approved by the industry’s national board, include the establishment of Juneteenth as a new contractual holiday; a new background coverage zone in Albuquerque, New Mexico, covering all stand-ins and top 10 background performers and, for the first time under any agreement, residuals for stunt coordinators for continued showing of their broadcast broadcast shows high budget on Netflix using the daily performer’s minimum as the basis for the residual calculation. The Netflix Dubbing Agreement has also been expanded to include Spanish dubbing. The terms for the Spanish dub will now match the terms that apply to the English dub.

Netflix and SAG-AFTRA also agreed that the company will join the multi-employer bargaining unit represented by the AMPTP, and that future agreements with Netflix will be made simultaneously with the AMPTP negotiations. This is only the second contract that the union has reached directly with Netflix. SAG-AFTRA signed its first umbrella agreement directly with Netflix three years ago. Before that, Netflix dealt with the guild on a production-by-production basis. The new contract agreement applies to scripted dramatic feature and episodic productions made by Netflix Studios, LLC.

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