Ross Lynch reveals that he kissed Maia Mitchell although it was not in Teen Beach…

2 September 2022, 12:40

Ross Lynch previously let slip that he was in a real-life love triangle on the set of Teen Beach Movie.

Ross Lynch has confirmed that he had an unscripted kiss with co-star Maia Mitchell on the set of teen beach movie.

Since then teen beach movie came out on the Disney Channel in 2013, fans have been obsessed with Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell’s on-screen chemistry as boyfriend and girlfriend, Brady and McKenzie. Their relationship was so convincing in the movie that fans speculated that Ross and Maia were dating in real life. However, neither of them addressed the rumors.

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Now, in a new interview with BuzzFeed, Ross has just let slip that he and Maia kissed while making the movies.

Did Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell date?

Ross Lynch reveals he kissed Maia Mitchell even though it wasn't in the Teen Beach Movie script

Ross Lynch reveals that he kissed Maia Mitchell even though it wasn’t in the Teen Beach Movie script.

Image: BuzzFeed, WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

In a BuzzFeed video, Ross reacts to his fans’ thirsty tweets. In a tweet, a fan says: “I remember Ross Lynch in teen beach movie specifically being my biggest sexual awakening. It’s all her fault.” Laughing, Ross says, “That movie is so innocent too!” He then adds, “For some reason, they didn’t want me and Maia to kiss in the first movie… but we kissed anyway. . “

I’m sorry, what? Speaking to Hollywood Life about teen beach 2 in 2015, Ross said, “Maia and I spontaneously kissed. We thought Mac and Brady should have a kiss on screen. It wasn’t scripted and the director didn’t tell us to do it and we just did it and hopefully, it makes it into the movie.” movie!”. However, the kiss was never included in the actual film.

Since Ross’s new quotes refer to the first teen beach movie, it’s unclear if he and Maia kissed unscripted in both movies, or if he just mixed up the two movies. It’s also unclear if he means they only kissed on set or off set as well.

Fast forward to 2:00 to see Ross teen beach movie comments

In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan, Ross revealed that he was in a real-life love triangle on the set of the teen beach movie. Ross was asked if he had ever been in a love triangle and, although he didn’t mention names, he replied: “Oh, of course. I mean, sometimes. Yes.” teen beach movie It was a love triangle. That is all what I am going to say”.

discussing the teen beach romances beyond, Ross added, “I was 16 at the time of the first movie, but it was basically a bunch of high school or college students and we were put on an island in the Caribbean for two months. Imagine, you know, Puerto Rico . It’s the beach. It’s beautiful weather.”

Ross finished by saying, “We’re all going to dress up and go to little salsa clubs and dance late into the night. It was so much fun.”

Was Ross in a love triangle with Maia? And, if so, who else was involved? We need answers now!

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