Robert Dahlgren’s STCC points lead narrowed after Skellefteå’s race 1 exclusion

PWR Racing’s Robert Dahlgren has been banned from the inaugural STCC TCR Scandinavia race at Skellefteå in June, following a disciplinary hearing review by the Swedish Motor Racing Federation.

The three-time champion’s Cupra León Competición failed the ride height check after the race, but Dahlgren escaped punishment after it was argued a damaged splitter was to blame.

A protest by the Lestrup Racing Team, which manages the new winner of the first race, Andreas Bäckman, filed a protest which was subsequently investigated by the SBF Disciplinary Committee.

In its decision, the SBF Committee explained that no evidence of splitter damage had been found on Dahlgren’s car, and that the points leader had failed the post-race scrutineering.

“After reviewing the material received, the committee found that there are no reports of incidents during the manga involving a car,” the decision read.

“The scratches that are visible on the divider cannot have caused it to be too low, as these should lift it up. Therefore, the committee decides to approve the appeal, as the car is found to be too low during the subsequent technical review. Therefore, the affected party will be disqualified in Race 1 according to rule 2.16.10 and the results list will be modified accordingly.

The SBD Disciplinary Committee also ruled that Hugo Nerman’s original 20 penalty for skipping the start of the first race has stood, meaning Bäckman inherits victory, with his Lestrup team-mate Oliver Söderström promoted to second.

Nerman had won on the road at Skellefteå but was penalized for moving before the lights went out. Despite accepting that he had “moved around a bit” before the start, the stewards backed a protest from the Brink Motorsport team and Nerman was reinstated as the winner.

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But a subsequent investigation reversed the appeal to the original punishment, leaving Nerman fifth in the race after Dahlgren’s exclusion.

“The board read the documents received and then also considered the statement of the presiding judge,” explained the SBF.

“Without a doubt, the car at exit number 69 moves when it is under the exit[ers] command, which according to the rules is not allowed.

“After discussion, the board decided to approve the appeal with reference to the rules mentioned above.”

In the points standings, Dahlgren remains top of the drivers’ table, but just 27 points clear of MA:GP’s Mattias Andersson, who tied on 141 points with Söderström and Tobias Brink. Bäckman, after his victory, is only one point behind the trio in fifth place.

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