Ridley: Line of Duty star’s new drama has seriously divided fans – find out why

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ridley on ITV aired its first episode over the bank holiday weekend which welcomed line of duty fan favorite actor Adrian Dunbar to take on the lead role as former Detective Inspector Alex Ridley.

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The drama follows the former detective’s journey after he is asked to return to the police force to investigate a complex murder case involving a local sheep farmer.

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But while many have loved seeing Superintendent actor Ted Hastings’ performance and the episode as a whole, others seemed unimpressed by the plot and “guessed” what would happen at the end. There are no spoilers here!

One person said on Twitter: “#Ridley Looks like we all figured it out after about 50 minutes. Hope next week is a bit more challenging.” Another wrote: “Called an hour ago! #Ridley Must mean I need to work with Adrian.”

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Did you see Ridley on ITV?

However, others were satisfied with the delivery and were already looking forward to its return next Sunday. “I could have written Ridley, I had the plot figured out in 15 minutes. Still enjoying it. Perfect for Sunday night. #Ridley.”

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Meanwhile, other audience members were sufficiently impressed for a moment in the episode when Adrian revealed his amazing singing talent. One person was shocked when he tweeted: “Who knew Adrian Dunbar had such a beautiful singing voice?” while another wrote: “Is that Adrian Dunbar’s real voice? I had no idea he could sing like that!”

Fans seem to be divided by the first episode.

A third added: “Love Adrian Dunbar showing off his singing voice in #Ridley. Great new drama that got me hooked!”

Ridley’s synopsis reads: “When a local farmer is found dead, Ridley is called in by his former colleague and newly promoted DI Carol Farman to help out on a missing persons case that remains unsolved after 13 years.

“Ridley always suspected that the investigation was flawed and that the wrong man was tried for the kidnapping of Hannah Lindsay. As they dig deeper, they discover another body and a shocking secret.”

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