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The Netflix original movie “Look Both Ways” premiered earlier this month and shows how unpredictable life is for young adults.

Directed by Wanuri Kahiu and written by April Prosser, the film explores the story of a recent college graduate, Natalie (Lili Reinhart), whose life is about to change in more ways than one. This film explores the two different paths in Natalie’s life after taking a pregnancy test. Natalie already has her life calculated; she even she has a five year plan. After graduation, she hopes to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in animation.

However, just before graduation, Natalie and her friend Gabe (Danny Ramirez) randomly hang out after a night of study. Shortly after the couple’s night together, Natalie becomes very nauseated at a party as she sits on the bathroom floor. Ella’s best friend Cara de ella (Aisha Dee) runs into the room with a possible answer to Natalie’s illness: pregnancy tests. This is where Natalie’s story splits into two different paths.

One story explores what Natalie’s life would be like if the pregnancy result were negative, while the other shows how her entire life would change due to a positive result. Throughout the film, we see these two paths intermingle, one set in the heart of Los Angeles and the other in Natalie’s small hometown of Texas.

In Los Angeles, Natalie moves into an apartment with Cara. After struggling to find work, she eventually lands an assistant position at her idol’s animation company and falls in love with a co-worker named Jake (David Corenswet). Back in Texas, Natalie and Gabe break the news of her pregnancy to Natalie’s parents. Due to her pregnancy, Natalie and Gabe decide to put their dreams on hold. They agree to be parents to her child and eventually fall in love.

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These stories come together at the end of the film when both versions of Natalie are invited to the South by Southwest conference due to their flashback animations.

The movie is definitely worth watching. I wouldn’t say the movie is surprising or groundbreaking, but it is fun, refreshing, and meaningful. It has popular actors like Lili Reinhart from the CW show “Riverdale,” Danny Ramirez, who recently starred in the new hit movie “Top Gun: Maverick,” and Aisha Dee, who starred in the TV series “The Bold Type.” The film has a relatable story for young women, especially mothers. It shows both versions of Natalie’s struggle to balance work and life, as well as as a child.

Most importantly, this is a great movie for college students who are preparing to lead a life of their own. Both stories tell viewers to make the most of our lives because things don’t usually go according to plan. The film shows us that the future is not something we can control because, in both versions of Natalie’s story, her five-year plan backfires. Life was harder for Natalie than she had drawn on paper.

All things considered, I liked the concept of the film. Seeing that in both stories, Natalie was able to get the most out of her life was refreshing. I liked that there wasn’t a bad version of her story; she was able to achieve her dreams as she fell in love with her and had a family of her own.

However, I wasn’t a fan of the ending as there is no clear answer as to what life Natalie’s real life was. He also wasn’t a fan of the rushed relationship between the LA versions of Natalie and Jake. It seemed like they were only meant to have a short relationship, and I didn’t think Jake would be the one Natalie would end up with. Somehow I thought he would rekindle his relationship with Gabe.

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I preferred the relationship between Texas Natalie and Gabe because it was more realistic. The couple did not rush into marriage even though they would have a child together. It took time for Natalie to let go of her fear that her relationship would ruin their co-parenting of her daughter. Their love and passion were seen in many of their scenes, however, they weren’t even together until the end. In conclusion, I really enjoyed it”look both ways” and I think it deserves a watch.

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