Random: 1st Gen iPad Shows Wii Shop Error Message When Loading Netflix

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Technology has come a long way since 2011. It was the year that both the original 3DS and the Wii Family Edition were released, while tablet sales began to surge following the stellar success of the first iPad. Booting up Apple’s first tablet, running on iOS 5.1.1 no less, yesterday, a user received a blast from the past when he attempted to load Netflix on the device only to receive a particularly different message from Apple.

Instead of the usual Apple error code, the Twitter user @fcbunn found that the now-defunct Netflix app instead requested the following advice based on the Wii Shop:

This disc is no longer supported. To watch instantly, simply download Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel

Now, we can’t claim to have inside knowledge of the inner workings of Apple’s helpline, but something tells us that taking your complaint to the Wii Shop Channel probably will not produce the streaming service result you are looking for. That said, instead of having to crawl through the final 26-hour episodes each of Strange thingsyou will enjoy the jazz beats from the Wii Shop, so every cloudwe suppose

Unfortunately, this Nintendo glitch was quickly fixed, with Bunn tweeting today that the error message had now been replaced with a much more fruitful link to Netflix compatible devices. They also used the moment to formally apologize to the Netflix developer who had to go back and make amends for a decade-long mistake.

People on Twitter were quick to try to find a reason for the glitch, with theories ranging from the devices’ shared web service to a particularly strong thread claiming that Bunn had edited the photo for his own benefit, because there is no way that a device running 2011 software could crash, right?

Whatever the real reason, we think it’s safe to say that if this bug has done one thing for sure, it’s that Wii Shop Channel music is blocked once again. firmly in our heads.

Have you ever received a Nintendo-related error on a non-Nintendo product? Crank up the memory banks and let us know below!

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