Power Of The Dog Director Worries Netflix Will Stop Taking Risks

the power of the dog Principal Jane Campion said she is concerned Netflix it may soon take less of a risk on its original content due to recent layoffs that have occurred amid recent bad news for the streamer.

Campion, the respected director from New Zealand, has won two Academy Awards, one for her 1994 drama. The piano and another one more recently for his 2021 Netflix Original Movie the power of the dog. Campion’s concerns stem from recent reports that Netflix, for the first time, saw its total number of subscribers decline in the first quarter of this year.


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The streaming giant also expects to lose more than two million subscribers by the end of the second quarter. As a result of the decline, Netflix recently laid off around 300 of its employees. However, Campion worries that they can do even more to cut costs. In an interview with the BBC, Campion stated: “I think they’re going to be more demanding with other projects, or maybe the sad thing is not to take chances on nameless people.” Still, she believes established filmmakers like her probably won’t be affected by the cost cutting, saying, “I don’t think it would be difficult for me if I wanted to do something because I’ve established a relationship and they.” you’re incredibly loyal.”

In fact, according to Campion, the power of the dog “Couldn’t have been done without [Netflix].” Due to the medium budget (less than $30 million) and the small scale of the story, he says, “the only people who were willing to come close to that were Netflix.” However, with the streamer’s new financial woes, things could be changing.

This could be a huge blow to the film industry, as streaming platforms are in many ways the last bastion of mid-budget movie-making. Over the past two decades (and maybe even longer), Hollywood has been moving more and more toward a blockbuster-only strategy. Due to the rise of the internet and streaming platforms, movie attendance has become increasingly difficult to secure, meaning that only big-budget movies or movies based on existing properties perform adequately at the box office. For major Hollywood studios, mid-budget movies have become a thing of the past.

As a result, streaming platforms have moved in to fill a small portion of the void. Netflix, for example, has now become a major player in the area of ​​prestige projects from great directors (such as Martin Scorsese). the Irish) and small dramas centered on actors (such as the two popes). Due to the vacancy of major studios in the mid-budget realm, streaming platforms also have a growing presence at the Academy Awards each year, perfectly exemplified by last year’s Best Picture award, which was a battle between Apple TV Plus’ CODA and those of netflix the power of the dog.

the power of the dog is available to stream on Netflix.

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Source: BBC

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