Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Gets Another Closure

UPDATE September 3 – Poseidon’s Fury reopened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in March after being closed since March 2020. It has now been confirmed on the Universal Orlando calendar that this attraction will be closed from September 12-14. Universal has not confirmed the reason for this closure. but we assume that since it’s only for a short time, it’s probably for scheduled maintenance.

After the initial rocky start when Poseidon’s Fury reopened in March, the attraction has generally done well and visitors should be able to enjoy it until September 11 and then when it reopens on September 15, 2022.

Poseidon's Fury, Universal
Image: Universal

March 25 – Poseidon’s Fury still appears to be in trouble, with several guests posting online that they haven’t been able to experience the recently reopened attraction due to closures. We don’t know the details of why Poseidon’s Fury is having this unexpected downtime, but we hope that the issues will be resolved as soon as possible so that guests can be confident that they will be able to experience this attraction when they visit the park.

March 22 – Poseidon’s Fury has been closed for the last two days (March 20 and 21). The exact reason for these closures is unknown. This recently reopened walking attraction is scheduled to reopen today at 9:00 am with the rest of the park according to the Universal Orlando Resort app.

March 15: Poseidon’s Fury is now open at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. On the official website it is scheduled to be open at 8:00 am today.

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Feb 11 – This week water has been seen running over the Poseidon’s Fury sign outside the ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This gives us more hope that the reopening date is imminent.

It was originally announced in August 2020 that Poseidon’s Fury, along with a number of other attractions, would cease operations at Universal’s Islands of Adventure due to lack of foot traffic due to capacity limits when the park reopened after COVID closures. -19.

Back in February, there was a rumor from Inside The Magic that we might see this ride attraction reopening soon. This attraction has undergone a major refurbishment, so it will be interesting to see what updates have been made.

It was also reported that characters from the experience had been seen outside the entrance and a member of the team shared the information that Poseidon’s Fury could start operating again very soon. This was certainly exciting news for fans of the attraction.

On March 15, Poseidon’s Fury reopened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure after two years of being closed. In less than a week, the ride attraction was closed on Saturday March 20 and Sunday March 21 for an unknown reason.

Though Poseidon’s Fury reopened on March 22, guests have still reported closures online this week, meaning the issue isn’t fully fixed yet. We hope that Universal can correct the problem so that this newly reopened attraction can be back in full operation very soon.

Poseidon's Fury, Universal
Image: Brian Krosnick

Poseidon’s Fury is located in The Lost Continent area of ​​Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Led by a bumbling archaeologist and trapped in a tomb by Poseidon’s evil nemesis, this multi-room guided walking tour brings you face to face with unimaginable effects of water and fire as the race for Atlantis begins.

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We will keep you informed of any further updates. Let us know your thoughts on the return of this attraction by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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