Portland, Maine roofing contractor uses satellite imaging technology to stay ahead

PORTLAND, Maine, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the homebuilding industry has been impacted across the country by supply chain challenges, rising material costs, and COVID-19 health and safety requirements. . In response, one Portland Maine roofing company is using technology to meet the challenge. The Roof Doctors has introduced “satellite imaging technology” to improve the timeliness and accuracy of its roofing quotes.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the owner Danny Dumont and his team of Portland Maine roofers saw this new technology as a way to protect both their clients and team members from exposure to the virus. It had the added benefit of increasing their ability to provide faster and more accurate quotes. Using satellite imaging technology, this innovative Portland Maine The roofing contractor and his team of roofers collect the exact measurements of a client’s property without setting foot on it. A satellite image is captured using 3D imaging technology that accurately shows the measurements needed for a new roof or replacement roof quote.

“It’s amazing to see the impact of this technology on our industry. Today, it can be used to drill down and show exactly how many packages of shingles are required for a job, home or business that you haven’t yet visited in person. During the “At the height of the pandemic, we’re using it to help keep everyone safe while continuing to provide homeowners with essential home repairs. Today, our customers love how fast and efficient it is,” Dumond said.

Satellite images are digital photos taken with satellites or even drones. These photos can be accessed in Google Earth or similar software. this unique Portland Maine The roofing contractor uses these images to quickly take accurate measurements. Any style of roof can be measured this way and they can look at the roof from various angles to measure everything from slope to gables to ridges. They have shown that satellite imagery measurements are as accurate as a contractor’s. Measurements can be completed in a fraction of the time with no tax on the owner.

In addition to COVID safety, satellite imagery also reduced the risk of injury for roofers, as they didn’t have the added risk of using ladders or climbing on roofs to get measurements. Satellite imagery allowed The Roof Doctors to safely view and measure hard-to-reach areas without endangering their workers.

In a review for The Roof Doctors, homeowner David H expressed his amazement after finding these Portland Maine roofers when “they gave me a quote within an hour of contacting them.” Suffice it to say that this owner hired these Portland Maine roofing contractors and was “very pleased with The Roof Doctors.” Another homeowner also appreciated the speed and accuracy of the quote for a complete roof replacement, with The Roof Doctors providing a quote within a day, saying, “The roofing team was professional, on site when they said they would be and they kept the property protected and clean of debris The roof looks great and I would recommend The Roof Doctors to others looking for a Portland, Maine roofer”.

Satellite images are just the latest tool helping these modern Portland Maine roofers stay current and pass the savings on to their customers.

You can visit The Roof Doctors at www.theroofdoc.com to learn more and keep up with The Roof Doctors on social media by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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