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EV… power… wagon… what more could you ask for?

Is there a highway in the US? Because this car needs to be first and fast.

The Porsche Taycan is not a Panamera. This is an electric vehicle, with totally different usability and options, all EV of course, and it’s not your family cruiser. Indeed, Porsche 911 owners, the time has come. Trade in that 911 and order a Taycan. You heard it here first!

Designed for top speeds and race car mentalities, the Taycan is all about engineering. More fun during the day but with 24-hour LeMans thought processes, the Taycan is certainly an executive race car.

Power in our Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo is a standard 616 horsepower and 750 horsepower with launch control, allowing our test vehicle to go from zero to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. An 800V battery and two-speed rear axles lead the way in Porsche’s design and technology department, while also offering other driving modes.

In our “Chalk” tester, we also used Gravel mode, which raises the four-door 1.2 inches higher than a base Taycan and includes Porsche traction control and stability control. This all-wheel drive machine is not a basic Porsche, nor is it designed on similar platforms. Taycan is Taycan and boy is it unthinkable. A 6-foot passenger can easily fit in the rear, as the Cross Turismo gained 1.7 inches of rear headroom over a standard Taycan. Cargo space was boisterous, too, at 42.8 cubic feet, which really is significant for a $200,000 car.

An all-glass roof comes standard on our Cross Turismo Turbo S, while the interior was typical Porsche with an EV twist. Optionally, a Porsche-patented bike carrier is available for cyclists and fits similarly to that of a trailer hitch, but with access to the trunk at the same time. Very fresh!

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When Porsche calls and is interested in Grasso’s Garage, it’s usually for a good reason. With Taycan showing up this week, it’s for a big reason. The Taycan is aesthetically stunning, goes over 220 miles on a single charge, and has enough power to blow you and the competition away. It’s a van and it’s a Porsche. These items instantly create a winning combination, making Porsche a brand that other manufacturers will be chasing for a while.

Hey Dave, time to turn in that 911 and order a Taycan. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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porsche taycan

MSRP: $187,600

As tested: $208,650

MPGe: 74 city / 73 highway / 73.2 as tested

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