Police use advanced technology to find and arrest suspect in Andover murder

ANDOVER, Kan. (KWCH)-The Andover Police Department continues to investigate why a relative fatally struck an 81-year-old woman at her home. The violent crime occurred Sunday at an independent living apartment complex the woman managed. Police found the woman beaten while carrying out a welfare check requested by a family member. The woman later died of her injuries and police arrested a 23-year-old suspect in the case. The investigation into what led to the murder continues.

The suspect, who had been released from jail Sunday morning, was found in Wichita and arrested at a cemetery, fleeing from officers, police said. Officers found the suspect with the help of advanced technology, Flock license plate scanning cameras. Andover Police said officers knew the car he was driving, which allowed them to use the system effectively.

“Seventy percent of crimes are committed with a vehicle, so people drive into an area, commit a crime and drive away,” said Flock Safety’s vice president of external communications Josh Thomas.

With the Flock system, police can use specialized cameras when they have a vehicle description or license plate. If the cameras pick up something that matches the description on that vehicle or license plate, the system notifies the police. Herd systems are used in 2,500 US cities.

“Across the country, police are reporting to us that they are solving 700 to 900 crimes every day using our technology,” Thomas said.

As of Monday night, police had not identified the woman killed or the suspect arrested in the case. But Eyewitness News learned more about the woman after speaking with people who lived at the property she managed, Summerfield Senior Residences. Neighbors said the woman took care of the complex and worked to help people. They said that she was well liked and known for keeping herself busy.

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“She was a wonderful manager of this complex. She was always helping people and making sure things were running smoothly. She was a good person,” said Summerfield resident Richard Atwood.

Atwood and others who live in the apartment complex said the woman’s death remains shocking. Atwood lives a few doors down from where the woman lived. He said that he heard an ambulance on Sunday afternoon, but couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“(I was) doing my laundry, which is right behind her apartment, and it was between 2 and 4 in the afternoon. And I did several trips back and forth, but I never heard any commotion or screaming or anything like that,” Atwood said.

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