PM Youth Program Generate Joy Among KP Young Professionals and Athletes

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – Oct 20, 2022): The Prime Minister’s Youth Program provides great opportunities for thousands of young professionals, engineers and sportsmen in the country to excel in their selected professions and compete in national and international events with the support of the government in a dignified way.

The program offers special incentives, packages, and internship opportunities for young professionals, engineers, architects, IT, and athletes, etc. to gain the required work experience and skills in renowned government and private organizations with attractive monthly stipends in a conducive learning environment in a professional manner.

Khushal Khan, a young telecom engineer from Dir Lower district, told APP on Thursday that the Prime Minister’s Youth Program was a great boon for young professionals including engineers, IT, architects, telecom engineers, civil, miners, electricians and athletes from hockey, cricket, soccer and other games to leave their mark on national and international sporting events.

“Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif won the hearts and minds of Pakistan’s youth, including KP, for his goal-oriented youth development programs, especially the current one that would benefit a large number of young professionals and sports talents.” He said that “internships in government organizations along with stipends were a great gift from Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to Pakistani students, engineers, professionals and sportsmen, including Khyber Pakthunkhwa, for which we are all grateful to him.” Like Khushall Khan, KP’s young pros were ecstatic after the storied show. “I was planning to travel abroad for work, but then I postponed my idea after learning about the Prime Minister’s youth program where attractive incentives were announced for the youth of Pakistan,” said Ehtisham Qaiser, an Urdu literature graduate from Government College Peshawar while talking to the app.

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He said many potential candidates’ applications were rejected even at the Federal Public Utility Commission and KP Public Utility Commission due to lack of professional experience for different positions.

“Most of the young professionals did not get the desired jobs due to lack of professional experience and the PM package provided them with a great opportunity to gain the required work experience along with attractive stipends in an ideal learning environment from the government and private organizations “. he said.

Bahre Karalm Khan, Director General of Sports at the University of Peshawar and former international gold medalist athlete and Deputy Director of Sports and national athlete Maria Samin Jan called the Prime Minister’s youth program a landmark initiative that would significantly help promote sports in the country, especially in KP.

They said the program would improve the skills of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s young players as well as give them the exposure required for national and international games.

“Its main goal is to provide equal opportunities for male and female players to promote excellence in sports in order to support the right talent for different sports.

Ikhtair Wali Khan, PMLN KP spokesman and provincial assembly member, told APP that the multi-faceted program provides great opportunities for youth from all provinces of Pakistan, including KP and seven merged tribal districts, to excel in their studies, obtain the required work experiences and make your mark in sports. in national and international events such as national games, Common Wealth, Asian Games and Olympic Games.

Under the program, he said that 20,000 internships would be provided to young engineers in leading government, semi-government and renowned private organizations, enabling thousands of young engineers and architects to gain the required experiences and skills before entering competitive markets.

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In addition to the Pakistan Innovation Fund, the Accelerated Development of 20 districts and the National Scholarship Program for the Best Talents of 75, he said that the Federal Government was promoting sports to engage youth in healthy activities in accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister.

To engage youth in co-curricular and sports activities, he said that 250 complete sports mini-programs have been launched to facilitate thousands of Pakistani sportsmen including KP. The program has realized that sports should be seen as an essential element in human resource development and taken as a tool to transform young people into a capable, organized and confident workforce.

In this regard, the talent search youth sports league was started in 12 different games, including badminton, boxing, cricket, football, handball, hockey, judo, squash, table tennis, volleyball for men and women, while weightlifting and wrestling for men.

The program would further encourage young players systematically and through scientific training methods, he said, adding that the landmark initiative aims to bring current sports-related knowledge to youngsters through sports teachers, coaches, trainers and managers to improve their skills and gain long-term experiences. which is unavoidable for national and international sports competitions.

He said the Prime Minister’s Youth Program and Higher Education Commission, along with higher education institutions, are working closely together to promote sports at the grassroots level and financially empower young players to produce sports stars.

These stakeholders are collaborating with the Pakistan sports board and relevant sports federations to provide opportunities for these young players to represent Pakistan in the Olympics, SAF and other international competitions, he concluded.

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