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Doctors and nurses heal people. But when they do the opposite and cause them suffering and even death, it is a serious blow. As if lines meant to be perfectly straight had become crooked for no apparent reason. from netflix the good nurse tells the story of one of those crooked lines named Charles Cullen, and it’s time to review the plot, the cast, and everything we know about the movie.

the good nurse is based on the book by Charles Graeber The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder. It tells the true story of Charles Cullen, a nurse and serial killer responsible for the deaths of up to 40 patients during his medical career. Some experts predict that he could be behind many, many more deaths, possibly making him the most prolific serial killer in US history.


Cullen’s story previously inspired the 2008 film. killer nurse by filmmaker Ulli Lommel. Most recently, it was the subject of the 2020 Sky Crime documentary. Charles Cullen – Killing for Kindness. The news that Eddie Redmayne would play Cullen in the good nurse alongside Jessica Chastain was first announced in 2018.

The Good Nurse: The Plot

Based on the book by Charles Graeber, the new thriller tells the chilling true story of Charles Cullen, a nurse and serial killer who confessed to killing up to 40 patients throughout his career.

While the book delves into the life of the serial killer up close and personal until the authorities catch him, the movie will focus more on the catching the killer part and how one of his brave co-workers and friends is the key code. to his arrest.

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Thus, the official synopsis of the good nurse read:

Amy, a compassionate nurse and single mother battling a life-threatening heart condition, is pushed to her physical and emotional limits by the harsh and demanding night shifts in the ICU. But she gets help from her when Charlie, a thoughtful and empathic fellow nurse, starts working on her unit. While sharing long nights in the hospital, the two develop a strong and devoted friendship, and for the first time in years, Amy truly has faith in her and her young daughter’s future. But after a series of mysterious patient deaths sparks an investigation that points to Charlie as the prime suspect, Amy is forced to risk her life and the safety of her children to uncover the truth.

Amy Loughren is the real name of the killer’s co-worker who risks her life in a game of cat and mouse. Authorities credited Loughren as the informant who cracked the case. She threw herself into the case and risked tracking down Cullen’s drug requests, looking at his computer entries, even using a wire: Loughren went to great lengths to catch Cullen. And she got it. Brave indeed.

Without a doubt, the plot of the film is scary but knowing that its origin is a true story makes it unsettling. the good nurse It will delight lovers of psychological thrillers as it will play with the viewer all the time in a way that will stay with the audience after they have seen it.

The Good Nurse: The Cast

A gripping thriller based on terrifying and chilling true events. the good nurse is directed by Academy Award nominee Tobias Lindholm, written by Academy Award nominee Krysty Wilson-Cairns, and stars Academy Award winners Jessica Chastain as Amy Loughren and Eddie Redmayne as Charles Cullen. Although in the hearts of fans, Redmayne will always remain the clueless yet tender and sensitive animal lover in the fantastic beasts franchise.

the good nurse also features Nnamdi Asomugha, Noah Emmerich, the spy turned FBI agent in dark winds — and Kim Dickens. Along with them, Malik Yoba and little Alix West Lefler complete the cast. the good nurse It is executive produced by the talented and well-known Ari Handel, Glen Basner, Jonathan Filley and Josh Stern.

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The key to the good nurseThe cast and crew are all heavyweights in the entertainment industry. Both his experience and his skills and versatility are always a guarantee of the most resounding success. After all, everything seems to indicate that history will repeat itself with the good nurse.

Release date

the good nurse It stars renowned artists, both on and off camera, so it was expected that its premiere would become one of the biggest events of the year for moviegoers. Confirming these suspicions, the film will enjoy three major premieres to captivate the audience. First, its world premiere will be at the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

However, as of October 19, 2022, the public that has not yet enjoyed the film will have the opportunity to do so since the good nurse It’s coming to select theaters. A little later, Netflix will premiere the film exclusively on October 26. So fans are in for a treat as they have three great opportunities to enjoy. the good nurse.

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