Pitt Football Two’s First Deep Depth Chart Released

It’s officially game week for Pitt football, and the first two-deep depth chart has been released ahead of Backyard Brawl on September 1.

Not much of a surprise when it comes to the depth chart, but what does the full list look like?

attacking player

Kedon Slovis-Nick Patti-Nate Yarnell

There are no real surprises here. Yarnell has gotten a head start on the Derek Kyler transfer, it seems.

running backwards

Israel Abanikanda – Rodney Hammond – Vincent Davis O C’Bo Flemister

All aboard the Izzy hype train. He’s No. 1, and Hammond is No. 2. He talks about Flemister’s progress earning an ‘O’ designation with Davis. Daniel Carter is likely to fill that full backup role.

wide receiver

Konata Mumpfield-Jaylon Barden

Jared Wayne-Jaden Bradley

Bub Means – Myles Alston

Again, no surprises here. This is a good, versatile six-man unit, and it’s loaded with potential star power and worthwhile depth.

hard ending

Gavin Bartholomew – Kyi Wright OR Karter Johnson

Strong three man unit. Both Wright and Johnson impressed during camp, and Bartholomew is poised to conquer the ACC.

offensive line

Carter Warren-Branson Taylor

Marcus Minor Ryan Jacoby

Owen Drexel-Terrence Moore

Jake Kradel-Blake Zubovic

Gabe Houy-Matt Goncalves-Jason Collier Jr.

The starting unit remains unchanged, despite some positional battles in the camp. This is a very, very, very deep unit, one that doesn’t even include real freshman Ryan Baer, ​​and I’d expect more rotational play than last season.

defensive end

Habakkuk Baldonado – Dayon Hayes O Nate Temple

Deslin Alexandre – John Morgan

No real surprises here, but it speaks to Temple’s growth that’s right there with Hayes on the depth chart.

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defensive line

David Green OR Devin Danielson – DeAndre Jules

Calijah Kancey – Devin Bentley

Exactly as we expected here. A strong rotation game was expected from Green, Danielson, Bentley and now Jules.


Star: Bangally Kamara – Solomon DeShields

Mike: Sir Voice Dennis – Brandon George

Money: Shayne Simon-Tylar Wiltz

The headlines were expected, and the only really interesting thing about the list is that Wiltz and DeShields are in their opposite positions. Wiltz was expected to slide into that Star position.


Brandon Hill – Judson Tallandier OR Javon McIntyre

Erick Hallett – PJ O’Brien

Two starters returning to their positions, an experienced depth option and a couple of promising youngsters coming from good camps. nice mix


AJ Woods – Rashad Battle – Ryland Gandy

Marquis Williams – MJ Devonshire – Noah Biglow

Woods fills the vacant spot of Damarri Mathis, with the top four of Williams, Woods, Devonshire and Battle returning for another season. Gandy has been impressing since he signed up early in January.


Ben Sauls-Sam Scarton

Sauls displaced Scarton as the starting kicker with a solid performance in camp, and will once again handle his kickoff duties.


Sam Vander Haar by Cam Guess

Vander Haar, one of the early entrants, has done enough to earn himself the starting spot, continuing the trend of Australian punters in Pittsburgh.


Cam Guesses – Sam Vander Haar

long snapper

Byron Floyd-James Fineran

kickoff returner

Israel Abanikanda-Vincent Davis

clearance return

Konata Mumpfield – MJ Devonshire – Jaylon Barden


Field Marshal: Kedon Slovis

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RB: Israel Abanikanda

WR: Konata Mumpfield

WR: Jared Wayne

WR: Bub Media

TE: Gavin Bartholomew

LT: Carter Warren

LG: Minor Frame

C: Owen Drexel

RG: Jake Kradel

RT: Gabe Houy


FROM: Habakkuk Baldonado

DT: David Green OR Devin Danielson

DT: Calijah Kancey

EN: Deslin Alexandre

Star: Bangally Kamara

Mike: Sir Voice Dennis

Money: Shayne Simon

CB: AJ Woods

S: Brandon Hill

S: Erick Hallett

CB: Marquis Williams

Special teams

K: Ben Saul

Q: Sam Vander Haar

EN: Byron Floyd

H: Guess Cam

Public Relations: Konata Mumpfield

KR: Israel Abanikanda

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