Pine Forest pummels Pensacola in football for Saturday’s homecoming win

Eagles head coach Ronnie Douglas cheers on his players during the Tate vs Pine Forest football game at Pine Forest High School in Pensacola on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

The day doesn’t matter.

Whether it’s a Thursday night, a Friday night or a Saturday morning, the Pine Forest football team has shown up with their A game, firing anyone in their path this season.

The Eagles’ last win came in a 41-8 blowout of Pensacola High on a wet Saturday morning from Lon R. Wise Stadium. The home team entered halftime with a 41-0 lead before the final 24 minutes on the field were played under the running clock.

“Different circumstances and a different situation, but I think the kids did a good job and did what they had to do,” Pine Forest head coach Ronnie Douglas said. “PHS is getting better, they’re getting better, but I was so proud of our kids and how they came out and played. I got here this morning at a different time, but I’m proud of everyone who is a part of this day.” .”

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