Patrick Beverley describes his difficulties entering the NBA, says he almost left the NBA, but his persistent efforts paid off

The story of Patrick Beverley is one of the most unique in all of basketball. After an impressive start to his college career for the first two years, things took a sharp turn for the Chicago native. In his junior year, he was declared ineligible after it was discovered that he submitted a paper written by someone else. In order to help further his career, the 19-year-old Beverley headed to the Ukraine.

It was there that he was named an All-Star of the Ukrainian Basketball League before being selected by the LA Lakers the following year. After a post-draft trade sent him to the Miami Heat, Beverley found himself returning to Europe shortly after being released. The following year, he led Olympiacos Piraeus to the Greek Cup title before winning the European Championship Most Valuable Player award the following year.

After two spectacular seasons abroad, Beverley signed with the NBA G League and finally found his way to the NBA. As they say, the rest is history. During a recent appearance on “The Draymond Green Show,” Patrick Beverley opened up about his journey. Watch the conversation that starts just after the 9 minute mark.

“I sat on the bench all year, any normal American would take their butt home,” Beverley said. “Two kids, you know… I stayed there, I worked on my game, I came back to the Heat. Boom, I signed my first NBA contract, I’m excited, I’m playing with LeBron James, I’m playing with D-Wade, I’m Playing Chris Bosh, I’m playing Mike Miller.

At that point, things seemed to be looking up for Beverley. However, he was cut entering the regular season.

“I’m excited,” Beverley said. “I have Carlos Arroyo, Mario Chalmers in front of me. I’m thinking in my head: In two years I can catch them. You know, like the competition within that… I’m the lowest man on the totem pole.” I have to go back abroad, unfortunately.

“Unfortunately, I have to go back to Russia and you know my mindset at the time, proud young man, know me, I’m, ‘Fuck it, man. Fuck the NBA, man.'”

From all indications, Beverley seemed ready to quit the NBA. If no NBA team wanted him, then fine. He was determined to carve out his own path.

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Patrick Beverley’s path back to the NBA

Patrick Beverley guarding Steph Curry (2015)
Patrick Beverley guarding Steph Curry (2015)

After being released by the Miami Heat, Patrick Beverley had an absolute streak abroad. In his first year with Olympiacos Piraeus, he proved instrumental in helping the team win the 2010 Greek Cup title. After that, he signed one of the biggest contracts in Russian basketball history.

It was there that he not only won the European Championship MVP, but also proved to be an elite player for NBA scouts.

“They don’t want me,” Beverley said. “I just established my career in Russia. I signed one of the biggest contracts in Russia. I played there one year. The next year, I came to the NBA.”

When Beverley signed with the Houston Rockets in the 2012-13 season, it was the beginning of a new era. Since then, he has continued to cement his place as one of the best shooting guards in the league year after year.

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