Orthodontic Influencer Dr. Evangelos Viazis Discusses Revolutionary Fastbraces Orthodontic Technology

Dallas, Texas – (NewMediaWire) – September 9, 2022 – (King NewsWire) – Time is the ultimate luxury for both patient and doctor. Invented and founded by Dallas orthodontist Dr. Anthony D. Viazis, Fastbraces(R) Technologies is a true American Original celebrating its 30th anniversary of offering products that help dentists and orthodontists safely straighten teeth , fast and simple even in about 100 days . This technology is becoming so popular with children and adults that medical providers are even co-branding their dental offices. Fastbraces(R) technology is now world-renowned and used by physicians in over 50 countries where thousands of patients have been successfully treated.

The teeth are crooked because they did not erupt correctly (maleruption) and came out crooked, sideways, overlapping, or apart, and as a result, the alveolar bone shows hypoplasia or hyperplasia (orthodontia). Tested in vitro and in vivo by universities in the 1990s, Fastbraces(R) Technologies’ high-performance bracket systems straighten tooth roots to their final position (orthoeruption) from the start of treatment with a single square wire and thus restore the natural alveolar. bone morphology with straight teeth. Decreased discomfort is another benefit of Fastbraces(R). In fact, the inventor never prescribed painkillers to his thousands of patients.

Fastbraces(R) technology is backed by three new patents. Two of these patents relate to the restoration of alveolar bone and the treatment of gingivitis due to crooked teeth (orthodontitis). These are landmark seminal patents that will impact the way clinicians treat malocclusions and periodontal disease. Patented Fastbraces(R) technology allows dental providers to grow alveolar bone around broken teeth to straighten them and prevent tooth extractions or sometimes even jaw surgery. Additionally, Fastbraces(R) Technologies now makes it possible for hygienists and dentists to diagnose and treat this stubborn form of gingivitis in even less than 100 days with good patient cooperation.

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Fastbraces(R) providers use a simple 7-step plan to control the entire treatment and give their patients a quality finish without relying on patient compliance, as is the case with aligners. Fastbraces(R) technology bracket systems consist of uniquely designed brackets that are aesthetically clear or metallic and a light-force, flexible, high-tech nickel-titanium wire designed to provide immediate root movement from the start of therapy that it can also open spaces for implants even in about 100 days. This patented technology is taught on the Fastbracesuniversity.com campus in Dallas, Texas and in seminars around the world. The Fastbraces(R) Campus, founded in 2006, is known to thousands of dentists around the world as the Fastbraces(R) home base. ) Technology training programs.

Who is Dr. Evangelos Viazis (@dr.viazisevangelos)?

Dr. Evangelos Viazis, the inventor’s brother, graduated from the University of Athens School of Dentistry in Greece. He ranked fifth in the national exams to enter dental school among thousands of candidates throughout Greece. In 2000 he brings Fastbraces Technology to Europe with great success. In January 2000 he opened his first private practice in Athens, where he began practicing both general dentistry and orthodontics. He undertook all the orthodontic cases and in almost all cases he was able to successfully treat the patient without extractions and the treatment time ranged from 3 months to about a year. His completed cases were so impressive and his patients were so pleased with the results that in 2004 he made the big decision to limit his practice exclusively to orthodontics. He opened his second location in Athens in 2011 and his third location in 2016. He is the author and editor of the book Fastbraces(R) Greece, Atlas of Clinical Cases. His orthodontic professional Facebook page has over 120,000 followers. As a member of Orthoworld’s international support team, Dr. Viazis consults with and teaches dentists around the world on the use of Fastbraces(R) technologies. He has discussed cases that have been published and featured by Fastbraces(R) speakers around the world as examples of what Fastbraces(R) Technologies can do for patients. Finally, he has demonstrated the capabilities of the Fastbraces(R) technology, especially for the treatment of skeletal cases without jaw surgery, which were previously unknown.

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