Open source technology needed for evolution: Huawei

Huawei has taken another step towards digital transformation by introducing a new set of commercial products. Ultimately, these products are beneficial both ways, depending on the perspective of the users and the growth of the company.

A few days ago, Huawei holds a business new product meeting in Wuhan. As its name reflects, the company has discovered a large number of devices. For example, laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets, and printers.

You can check all the devices in the list below:

  • MateBook B7-420
  • MateBook B5-440
  • MateBook B3-430
  • MateBook B5-330
  • C5 tablet
  • C5e tablet
  • Qingyun B730 Desk
  • Desk B530
  • Monitor B3-243H
  • PixLab B5 Printer

In addition to devices, Huawei has also introduced some cloud solutions. For example, Huawei Dynamic Cloud B530 and Huawei Dynamic Cloud B730. Eventually, these are smart new products that offer high-productivity tools and comprehensive features.

Notably, the company has rejected these devices primarily for government and educational purposes. In addition, Huawei knocked down the business office solutions in the main fields of the market. Such as manufacturing, finance, transportation and energy.

    Digital transformation of Huawei products

Huawei and its DNA strategy

Huawei believes that by combining some of the most vital aspects, a successful consumer experience can be achieved. Therefore, the company uses three DNAs of quality, wisdom and reliability. Together, these attributes deliver better design technology, a smarter experience, and reliable services for business customers.

Following the three traits, the company will renew its future commercial office products. As a result, users will find a full-scenario hybrid office that can meet the diversified and efficient requirements of consumers.

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Develop industry-specific solutions to drive digital transformation

The Chinese manufacturer has always ensured the comfort of its users. Be it large companies, government sectors or the general public. In addition, it has always provided technologies that can effectively respond to the needs of users. Consequently, Huawei’s new products with such features will lead to digital transformation.

Some of the products that have contributed to digital transformation so far are a paperless office, smart classroom, computer classroom, workplace collaboration for employee safety, interactive insurance solutions, and other industry-grade products.

    Digital transformation of Huawei products

Scholarship program to help small and medium-sized businesses

As mentioned, Huawei thinks of all sectors related to its company. Alternatively, the company launched the Fellowship program that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their economic growth.

The company also stated that it will work with SME research organizations, financial institutes and other high-quality platforms that can further support such sectors. Huawei will continue to work on three themes: product customization, special discounts, and corporate training.

Huawei claimed to increasingly focus on digital transformation and provide support to different industries. Therefore, these efforts will surely level out the country’s digital economy.


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