One of Claro’s goals is to expand access to technology to close the digital divide in rural areas. Economy |

Puerto Murialdo, one of the rural parishes of the Loreto canton, in the province of Orellana, with some 4,000 inhabitants and 90% of the Kichwa population by self-identification, has 4G technology.

This has allowed them to access education as well as communication, making their creations, undertakings and natural resources known.

“I use the YouTube app to learn a lot of things. In my welding branch (it helps me) to learn more and investigate,” says Kevin Blassia, a Puerto Murialdo welder at Amazon. Promote your services through social networks.

Added to this parish are San Pablo de Tenta (Loja), Imantag (Imbabura), Santa Rosa de Flandes (Guayas), Paquisha (Zamora Chinchipe), San Simón (Bolívar), Sevilla don Bosco (Morona Santiago), Moromoro (El Oro ). ) ), among others, where their neighbors attest that Claro as well as the arrival of 4G networks in their areas boost their businesses and businesses.

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The residents of the rural parish of San Pablo de Tenta, in the province of Loja, were also able to see by video call, this September 2, the presentation made by the President of the Republic Guillermo Lasso from the parish of Tarifa, Puntos del Encuentro, carried out by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society Samborondon, Guides on the project.

Claro representatives comment that Expanding access to technology is importantbecause it promotes social, economic and Contribute to closing the digital divide The country needs it so that the Ecuadorian people have equal development opportunities. For this reason, they maintain, they connect geographically remote rural populations, such as San Pablo de Tenta, with 4G technology (higher speeds and more services).

Rural entrepreneurs take advantage of 4G technology to promote their products online, transfer business, learn or self-train. This network gives them quick access to social media and other apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. courtesy photo

the company says This connectivity allows greater social inclusionSince through it Ecuadorians can access education, work, health advice and entertainment online, which is possible thanks to advances in technology, as well as the investments made by Claro year after year to reach more places and Ecuadorians.

According to Claro figures, currently more than 500 rural parishes are connected to high-speed internet and digital services (4G).

One of Claro's goals is to expand access to technology to close the digital divide in rural areas.  economy |
Fabián Toaquiza, an artisan from Quilotoa (Cotopaxi), takes advantage of 4G connectivity to see the work in workshops and more in real time, in addition to learning new techniques and details at his branch. Photo: Courtesy Claro

Entrepreneurs and artisans from rural parishes such as San Pablo de Tenta have indicated that with 4G technology they can quickly access social networks and other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp.

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One of them is Delia María Japon, who lives in San Pablo de Tenta and says that Claro’s 4G network has helped her communicate with her relatives who live abroad.

Fabián Toquiza, another artisan from the Quilotoa tourist center, has also taken advantage of technology to improve his technology and innovate in processes, designs and textures, in addition to exporting his products, he says.

Famous Tourist Attraction, Toquija, who sells his products in the Quilotoa region, says: “Connectivity has done a lot to investigate (for example) the subject of handicrafts, to improve the quality of designs, to improve the quality of the paintings. ” of the Province of Cotopaxi, visited by foreigners and citizens. (me)

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