Old viral video shows a daring father throwing his son into the air to catch a balloon

Parents are known to have their own unique ways of having fun with their children. In particular, many children also enjoy spending time with their parents, as they are super cool and always up for any adventure during playtime. As part of this, parents are often seen lifting their children into the air and catching them even higher as they come down. This looks pretty fun and kids certainly love being lifted up in the air. However, one man has now taken this game to the next level and left the internet in a twist. A video has gone viral in which a father fearlessly throws his little son into the air to catch a balloon stuck in the ceiling.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user with a hilarious caption that reads, “Don’t tell mommy.” In the video, we can see the daring dad making a risky move to get the stuck balloon out, apparently filled with helium. While the boy also seemed fearless and confident about his father, it is only a matter of seconds when he is thrown into the air and then caught again with the balloon.

Well, you definitely can’t find fault with the hack, but the video has definitely left some parents on the edge of their seats.


Many also took to the comments section and shared their reactions. One user wrote: “Me taking care of my nephews hahaha”, while another person commented: “How did it not occur to me that you would help me like this little monkey hahaha”.

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One user while showing concern for the child wrote: “Did you know that this is dangerous for children? You can cause a spill. Sudden change in blood pressure in the brain. I did not know it either.

Here are some more reactions:

Notably, the video was originally uploaded in 2011 by a Texas man named Vaden Wennik. It was his son Carson who lost his balloon on the roof and couldn’t get it back. That’s when the fun-loving dad tried out the unique trick. Time and time again, the video has surfaced on the internet and gone viral.

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